Mazda 6 Headlight Bulb Size

Your Mazda 6 represents affordable luxury, and so, you need it to send out a message.  The car’s graceful finish and top-rated handing make it stand out in the park. The designer had your unique needs in mind and didn’t sacrifice the look. Be prepared to pay a small price to continue enjoying the exceptional comfort.

Like anything else, the lighting system of your car will wear out. And whenever that happens, replace them with high-performing bulbs. That’s the only way you can enjoy superior visibility for a longer time.

Mazda 6 headlight bulb size chart

Many people will tell you that finding out your Mazda 6 headlight bulb size is difficult and will waste a lot of your time. Don’t buy into that lie.  You just need the right information on where to get high-performing light bulbs and how you can install them.

You know what? There are countless reputable industry players that are waiting to help you to choose the most suitable lighting products. If you seek their help, you’ll be at peace when you want to replace your HID headlight kit, Xenon headlight kit, LED bulbs, or any other component of your car’s lighting system.

This Mazda 6 headlight bulb replacement guide provides general guidance that will equip you with the basics.  Though we provide vital tips without any warranty, you can rely on it. Information is power, and with it, you won’t make unnecessary mistakes.

For you to avoid making these mistakes, don’t just stop at reading this guide.  Ensure you verify your own bulb voltage usage, bulb wattage, socket size, and bulb sizes before giving out your money to your vendor. Another thing you should not forget to confirm early enough is the headlight bulb type. Have the specs of the products you want at your fingertips, and you’ll be safer.

Aftermarket Light Bulbs: Upgrades

Customize your Mazda 6 with the high-quality lighting products that not only complements its look but also enhances your security.  Choose the lights that meet the highest quality standards and operate at their optimum rates under the worst weather conditions. You don’t want the fog light that can’t serve you when the weather is unbearable.

Some of the great products that you can buy online are halogen lamps and LED lamps. You can also get a Xenon HID headlight light bulbs conversion kit and others.  Read the user manuals on any of the items you buy, and you’ll be able to install the bulb lights alone within a few hours. Most of them are self-explanatory.

Once you have bought the perfect low beam or high beam light bulb, you may hire an expert to install it if you have no time. But you don’t have to. Here are straight-forward tips you can follow and save lots of your money.


1. Remove the low beam bulb

  • Turn steering wheel in the opposite direction of the side with a fault (Create more working room)
  • Spry up the center part of the fasteners (Use pop rivet removal tool or flathead screwdriver)
  • Spry out each fastener’s base
  • Pull back plastic wheel well liner
  • Press the tab on the electronic connector
  • Slide the connector straight off the old bulb
  • Rotate low beam bulb ¼ turn counterclockwise
  • Pull the bulb out of the socket

2. Insert the new bulb

  • Don’t touch the halogen lamps’ glass
  • Wipe clean using a towel with a little alcohol
  • Insert your new bulb into the socket
  • Rotate base of the bulb ¼ turn clockwise
  • Push the power plug until it clicks in the right place

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  1. Hi, i have a september 2012 mazda 6 sport estate with adaptive xenon headlights, its one of the last of the older shape before it was replaced with the newer shape in 2013. Could you tell me what headlight bulb I would need please.


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