Mazda 3 Headlight Bulb Size

Mazda 3 headlight bulb size chart

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2019 Mazda 3 ChartBuy Bulb on Amazon
Headlight Bulb High Beam and Low Beam
Fog Light Bulb Front
Headlight Bulb High Beam
Headlight Bulb Low Beam
Center High Mount Stop Light Bulb
Turn Signal Light Bulb Front
Turn Signal Light Bulb Rear
Parking Light Bulb(with LED headlights)
Side Marker Light Bulb Front(with LED headlights)
Side Marker Light Bulb Rear(with LED headlights)
Parking Light Bulb(with halogen headlights)
Daytime Running Light Bulb(with LED headlights)
Daytime Running Light Bulb(with halogen headlights)
Brake Light Bulb(with LED headlights)
Brake Light Bulb(with halogen headlights)
Tail Light Bulb(with LED headlights)
Tail Light Bulb(with halogen headlights)
Side Marker Light Bulb Front(with halogen headlights)
Side Marker Light Bulb Rear(with halogen headlights)
License Plate Light Bulb(Hatchback)
License Plate Light Bulb(Hatchback)
Back Up Light Bulb(Compare to original - Option 1)
Back Up Light Bulb(Compare to original - Option 2)
Trunk or Cargo Area Light
Trunk or Cargo Area Light
Dome Light Bulb
Map Light Bulb
Trunk or Cargo Area Light(Hatchback)

The Mazda 3 is a compact car manufactured in Japan by the Japanese car manufacturer Mazda.

First sold in 2003, but with a major facelift occurring in 2008, it replaced the Familia/323/Protegé as the smallest model in the company’s lineup.

It was made available mainly in North America, Australasia and Europe, but also includes other right-hand drive markets like Malaysia where it is known as the Proton Juara.

The Mazda 3 has been built around the world, including Mexico and China. It is currently in its fourth generation.

The current generation went on sale as a 2014 model year worldwide with sales starting in South Korea on March 17, 2013. Sales began in North America on May 16 of the same year.

Are you seeking to improve the visibility of your Mazda 3? If so, you’ve most likely found countless options for the upgrade of your LED lamps.

This is both good news and bad. In essence, it means you can get light bulbs without straining too much. Also, you may not spend too much due to the impact of the forces of demand and supply.

But there’s always too much confusion on what you need to do to get value for your money and install the lights with considerable ease. Lots of products in the market are imitations.

If you are like most of us, you may have also noticed that most lights on the market are too big to install. Buying the wrong headlight bulb size can mean the difference between your failure and your success. So, it’s a serious issue.

Don’t worry. We have all the information you need to use and what you should avoid.

We believe that we will be able to give you a clear understanding of the subject and help you pick the best product without too much effort. Before we do that, let’s look at some basic facts about Mazda 3 LED lights:

Size Matters

When it comes to cars, there are few products that can cause serious problems if not used properly. Lighting is one of them! Lamps are designed to fit specific models precisely they don’t wobble or move.

In most cases, you will find two types of headlight bulb sizes to choose from 1) HID and 2) LED

HIDs are designed to screw directly inside the housing unit while LEDs come with a ring-type connector to allow for easy installation. In addition, HIDs do not project light in all angles but instead use reflectors that direct it where necessary. As a result, there’s a chance that your lights may be too bright or too dim if they’re installed incorrectly. This is why it is advisable to get someone who has knowledge about the process of buying these bulbs because it takes little effort for returns and exchanges .

Noise production Most cheap LED lamps have been found to produce noise when switched on. They are not designed to last long. They are also difficult to install mainly because of their size. It’s not easy for them to fit inside the sockets. Moreover, you can even experience slight flickering at times when using these lamps which is dangerous and annoying!

Other bulbs have no hotspot in the beam pattern. For that reason, a small mistake can mean you won’t have either low beam bulbs or low beam bulbs. As you know, a vehicle without these lights is not safe.

Many others hardly work with the essential electrical system. And this can have the same negative impact on the security and performance of your vehicles.

But still, even if your bulbs meet these standards, they’ll likely be simply the quality you don’t want.  Remember, no one tests most aftermarket headlights and many other products for long-term reliability.

The process of upgrading your car’s LED lamps requires more than just money. The ability to make the right decision based on the right pieces of information is important.

So, if you lack inside information, the chances are that you’ll lose your hard-earned money and your time.

That doesn’t mean that Mazda 3 headlight bulb replacement process isn’t a pretty straightforward process. You need these critical pieces of information. Know the risks for example. At the same time learn how to find the perfect products.

For further information about headlight bulb type, your warranty, and the likes consult your car dealership or your vehicle owner’s manual.

Here, we help you to understand some of the most critical factors that you need to consider before making that crucial decision on the bulb types you should go for and how you can install them.

Aftermarket light bulbs

Improve the value of your Mazda 3 with Xenon headlight kit or HID headlight kit and put some custom tail lights on its back. What’s more, add some little uniqueness with a classy third brake light.

If you do this, you’ll improve not only your car’s stylish look but also the market value. Also, your car will have the highest visibility all the times, including when it’ll be operating under hard weather conditions.

Save time, improve your fog light, Halogen lamps, or LED lamps with the most reputable auto suppliers.

You’ll be able to cut the cost further if you choose to install the bulbs alone. How do you do that?


A common replacement item on any vehicle are the headlight bulbs. This is necessary because over time, the factory bulbs tend to fade and/or burn out.

To help replace the headlight bulb, there are two release levers that can be pulled back to give you enough room to remove the old bulb out of its socket.

1) The first release handle is located below where the power plug attaches into the car’s wiring harness. Gently pull up on this lever with your fingers.

2) The second release lever is located closer towards where your feet would normally be when sitting inside of your Mazda 3 . Move the lever upwards with either an open ended wrench or a simple screw driver (if it easily moves up on its own, proceed to step 5).

3) Carefully pull the headlight assembly down. It is held in place by several rubber grommets that provide some support for the weight of the headlights. Gently pull it out and let it hang freely for now.

4) Once you have removed the headlight assembly, take caution because there are two wires connected to your new bulb socket. Gently unplug both connectors (one at a time) and set them somewhere they won’t be damaged or pinched.

5) The next step will require you to remove the headlight casing from around the actual bulb itself. There are four screws located along where you just removed your old headlight assembly that need to be removed.

After the screws have been taken out, carefully pull apart the two pieces that cover your new bulb socket.

6) You now have access to the back of the old bulb socket. Take your old headlight bulb out of its housing by pulling it straight out of its base.

Remember where you came from so you don’t forget, because reversing everything will only put the new one in crooked and leave you with a headache!

7) Now comes time for inserting your new headlight replacement bulb into place. Do so carefully as not to bend any pins on either end (especially near the actual light part of this assembly).

Once inserted, attach both wire connectors to their proper sockets and then plug each connector into its corresponding wiring harness on each side.

8) Once the old light bulb has been replaced, it’s time to put everything back together in reverse order of how you took it apart. You will notice that the headlight assembly sits perfectly back into place.

As well as plugging up all wire harnesses (that were disconnected earlier) and tightening down four screws to re-secure the casing.

9) Now for some simple maintenance… Be sure to wipe down your Mazda 3 headlights on a regular basis with a clean cloth so they shine bright every time you flip on your turn signal!

10) And there you go! You’ve just completed the task of Headlight bulb replacement on your Mazda 3 ! Congratulations!

Generations of Mazda 3

First Generation

The first generation Mazda 3, codenamed BK series, was based on the Ford Europe designed “Ford B3” platform that also spawned the Volvo S40.

The door handles were hidden under flip-down caps and the rear license plate was located in the rear bumper to give a clean back end appearance.

However, some third party manufacturers offered external handles and slimline bumpers for this otherwise clean design

As with all New Generation Ford products following their takeover by former corporate partner Mazda, anti-lock brakes were made standard across the range

The range consisted of five models: four sedans/saloons (badged as “i” in most markets), and a five-door hatchback called the “sport wagon”—badged as “sport wagon”.

The engines fitted were all four cylinder 1.6, 2.0 and 2.3 litre gas, plus a 1.9 litre diesel offered in some markets from May 2004

Second Generation

In late 2008, this model received a large facelift to become the second-generation Mazda 3 for most markets worldwide with Japan receiving an additional facelifted variant at a later date.

In addition to minor styling changes including slightly different taillights, the new version features an upgraded interior and revised suspension settings for improved ride, handling and comfort along with lower fuel consumption figures due to lighter weight and more efficient engines.

The hatchback is available in two different bodystyles: a 3-door and 5-door versions. A sedan version was not released for this generation of the model, due to overlap with the larger Mazda 6.

The wagon remains available in Japan only, but the North American market receives a 4-door sedan version instead of a wagon starting from late 2009

Third Generation

In September 2012, at its yearly festival “A Car Vision”, Mazda unveiled the third generation of the Mazda3.

It debuted on January 14, 2013 at Detroit’s North American International Auto Show as a 2014 model and went on sale in Japan on February 13, 2013 and United States on May 16, 2013. It has since been released in other global markets.

In late 2015, Mazda announced a major facelift to the latest 3 model featuring an all new front fascia with redesigned LED headlamps and fog lamps, a more sculpted hood, and a bigger grille that gives off a wider look from the front.

In the rear, there is a new bumper along with redesigned tail lights while inside features better materials including an available heated steering wheel, sportier seats and higher quality trim elements.

The Mazda 3 comes in three different body styles: a five-door hatchback called “Sport,” a four-door sedan dubbed “S,” and a wagon christened “Maxx” for certain markets.

All current Mazda3 models are available with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. The 2014 Mazda3 can be equipped with a range of engines, starting with a 148 hp 2.0L and topping out at a robust 184 hp 2.5L engine (for the Mazdaspeed3).

Transmission options include manual and automatic transmissions depending on trim level and market.

Fourth Generation

In November 2018, Mazda debuted their newly redesigned 2019 Mazda 3 as an early release for the 2020 model year at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The Japanese car manufacturer applied many exterior styling components from its flagship 4th generation Mazda 6 including its “KODO: Soul of Motion” design language to give it more sporty look than before.

It also equipped the car with more safety features including Traffic Sign Recognition to give audio warning when driving past a speed limit sign or an intersection, Lane-keep Assist System (LAS) to prevent drifting out of lane on highways, High Beam Control Headlamps to automatically dip headlamps for approaching vehicles to avoid blinding other motorists, and Smart Brake Support which provide brake support system to avoid rear-end collision.

More on Mazda 3

Mazda 3 wheel size can differ between model years. You must be certain of your wheel size to ensure you’re purchasing the correct tires for your vehicle.

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