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It is fascinating that while Mazda has been manufacturing different cars since the early 1920s, it only officially adopted its name back in 1984. But who is not aware of this reputable brand? Not only is Mazda the only non-piston powered car to win the famous Le Mans 24 hours auto race, but it’s also the only Asian produced car to win an overall at the Le Man competition.

While Mazda produces a total of nine series cars such as hatchbacks, SUVs, and sports cars, Miata is its widely known brand.

Mazda enjoys a reputation for trying to produce lively cars that enhance the relationship between the car and the owner. This is the main reason why Mazda gives its driver an experience that other brands cannot be able to match. One has to try some of its popular brands such as MX-5, CX-5, Mazda2, and Mazda3 to attest to this fact.

Equipping Mazda models with halogen headlines is taken as a standard process. But users can easily upgrade such to HIDs if they want to improve the looks of their cars, it is never advisable to travel without headlights especially at night as that is a perfect ingredient for an accident. Why not just avoid such a fate by making use of Mazda headlights that are readily available?


Mazda Model Year Low Beam High Beam Fog Lights
3 2004-2006 H7 9005 H11
5 2006 H7 9005 N/A
6 2003-2006 H1 H1 H3
B Series Pickup 1994-2006 9007 * N/A
CX-7 2007 H7 9005 N/A
Mazda 6 2006 H1 H1 H3
Mazda Protege 1995-2003 H4 * N/A
Miata 2004-2005 9006 9005 H11
Miata 2001-2003 9006 9005 H1
Miata 1999-2000 H4 * N/A
MPV 1996-2006 H4 * N/A
MX5 Miata 2006-2007 H7 N/A N/A
Protege 5 2002-2003 H7 9005 H3
RX-8 2004-2006 H11 N/A H11
Tribute 2001-2006 H4 * H1


For anyone who wants to repair or upgrade his Mazda headlights, it’s vital that they select high-quality aftermarket auto headlights together with the complementing parking light units. The good thing is the fact that apart from ensuring that one maintains safety in the road, headlights also add beauty to one’s car.

Since the headlights are always expected to wear with time dimming in the process, their regular replacement is always a good habit.

It would not hurt to use a trusted dealer to replace your Mazda’s headlights. The good thing that there are many trusted headlights dealers out in the market. This means that one has to find the right one and he/she will be good to go. Moreover, with the emergence of the internet, users can easily log online to access Mazda headlight catalogs to find the information that they need for their cars.

The fact that the Mazda headlights come with different sizes and colors means that users can customize their vehicles to have a look that they want. With Mazda headlights coming with a guarantee of longevity, shy should you not opt for them?

The fact that Mazda always comes with fully customized Xenon HID bulb kit, users are assured of satisfaction that may exceed their expectations. In fact, it comes with added advantages such as using a reduced 35% of energy which will, in turn, give you a 300% additional brightness. Who would not love that? Any maze model owner is sure of getting the right headlights for his car. So why not go into the market and find yours today?

Contrary to what many Mazda owners know, the Mazda HID bulb headlights always come in several colors and sizes such as 4300k, 6000k, 8000k and 12000k. Perfect right? Even better is the fact that headlights have been made in different varieties so as make them available for Mazda series.

All you have to do is to take a look at the provided Mazda light bulb fitment chart below to find the right Mazda headlights for your Mazda version. Enjoy!

Mitsubishi Diamante Bulb Size

First generation (1990–1995) Second generation (1995–2005) Bulb replacement

Mazda Tribute Bulb Size

First generation (2000–2007) Second generation (2007–2011) Bulb replacement

Mazda RX-8 Bulb Size

First generation (SE3P, 2002–2008) Mid-cycle refresh (2008–2012) Bulb replacement

Mazda RX-7 Bulb Size

First generation (SA22C/FB) Second generation (FC) Third generation (FD) Bulb replacement

Mazda Protege Bulb Size

First generation (1963–1968) Second generation (1967–1977) Third generation (FA4; 1977–1980) Fourth generation (BD; 1980–1986) Fifth generation (BF; 1985–2004) Sixth generation (BG; 1989–2004) Seventh generation (BH; 1994–2000) Eighth generation (BJ; 1998–present) Bulb replacement

Mazda MX-5 Bulb Size

First generation (NA 1989-1997) Second generation (NB 1998-2004) Third generation (NC 2005-2015) Fourth generation (ND 2015-2019)

Mazda MPV Bulb Size

First generation (LV; 1988–1999) Second generation (LW; 1999–2006) Third generation (LY; 2006–2016) Bulb replacement

Mazda CX-9 Bulb Size

First generation (2006–2015) Second generation (2016–present) Bulb replacement

Mazda CX-7 Bulb Size

Production (2006–2012) Bulb replacement

Mazda CX-5 Bulb Size

First generation (KE; 2012–2017) Second generation (KF; 2017–present) Bulb replacement

Mazda CX-3 Bulb Size

Production 2015–present Bulb replacement

Mazda 929 Bulb Size

LA2 1Series (1973–1976) LA2 2Series (1976–1978) LA4 (1978–1981) HB (1982–1986) HC (1986–1991) HD (1991–1995) HE (1996–1997) Bulb replacement

Mazda 626 Bulb Size

First generation (1970–1978) Second generation (CB; 1978–1982) Third generation (GC; 1982–1987) Fourth generation (GD, GV; 1987–1992) Fifth generation (GE; 1991–1997) Sixth generation (1997-2005) Bulb replacement

Mazda 6 Bulb Size

First generation (GG1; 2002–2008) Second generation (GH1; 2007–2012) Third generation (GJ1; 2012–06/2016) (GL; 05/2016–) JL (2018–present) Bulb replacement I'm Mike the 1a auto we've been selling auto parts for...

Mazda 3 Bulb Size

First generation (BK; 2003–2008) Second generation (BL; 2008–2013) Third generation (BM, BN; 2013–2018) Bulb replacement If you notice the halogen bulb in your headlight has gone out you...

Mazda 6 Headlight Bulb Size

Your Mazda 6 represents affordable luxury, and so, you need it to send out a message.  The car’s graceful finish and top-rated handing make...

Mazda 3 Headlight Bulb Size

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