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Sylvania was first established in 1931. It specialized in the manufacture of radio transceivers and vacuum tubes. In 1939, the company ventured into lighting technology by producing the first florescent light bulb. It merged with Osram, a German company also specializing in the development of lighting technology to form Osram Sylvania in 1993. This made it the largest auto equipment and bulb manufacturer in the world.

Sylvania currently offers a wide array of bulbs for your vehicle’s interior lights, headlights, exterior lights, and tail lights. Its assortment of headlight bulbs is categorized under the Sylvania Series halogen bulbs. The series includes the basic SilverStar, SilverStar Ultra, and SilverStar zXe halogen bulb categories.

The SilverStar series is the most basic. It increases brightness by 35% and transmits the light 30% further and 35% wider when compared to ordinary halogen bulbs. The SilverStart Ultra series is the brightest. It increases brightness by 50% and sends the light 40% further and 50% wider. The SilverStar zXe series offers halogen bulbs that give off the style and look of xenon bulbs.

Sylvania also provides a wide assortment of halogen bulbs for your vehicle’s exterior lights. These lights cover brake lights, turn signals, parking lights, and more. They are categorized under the SilverStar Mini Series and increase whiteness by 20%, brightness by 30% and boost outward reach by 10% when compared to OEM bulbs.

The SilverStar HID (High Intensity Discharge) and Sylvania D2s bulbs feature xenon igniters that make them a great option for replacement xenon bulbs. They offer single function high-beam or low-beam bulbs that can be bought either separately or combined. Their bright illumination provides enough light for drivers on all sides to see your car and react accordingly. This improves safety during harsh weather conditions. All Sylvania bulbs are built to fit like OEM bulbs.