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The name Ford is synonymous with car productions. This is the case as Ford was the first to bring the dream of cares into reality. Today, the company has grown to become the second largest automaker in the US only coming second after General Motors. Ford has two segments; luxuries cars under its famous Lincoln brand and commercial vehicles sold under the Ford brand.

The fact that the company has been in existence over 100 years means that it relies on its accumulated experience to produce reliable and high-quality cars. With famous car brands such as Fiesta, Focus, Galaxy, and Mondeo being produced by the company, it is not hard to see why the company is highly regarded.

Ford can be considered as a company of “firsts.” This is the case as the company was the first company of its kind to have a first moving assembly unit, which was revolutionary. The company also was the first to introduce cars with child-proof door locks, the first company to produce cars that had a safety glass installed in the windshield area. Additionally, the company was also the first company to produce cars that seat belt reminder light. All other car brands have only manage to copy from its revolutionary ideas.


It is normal that Ford bulbs will malfunction from time to time. It then becomes very important for one to replace the malfunctioning blubs with high-end quality bulbs. Not only will such a process enhance your safety and car visibility but will also ensure that your car stands out blending with other modern cars.


Modern ford cars come with pre-installed headlights. Depending on the light conditions, the Ford headlights would automatically shift from high-beam to low0beam. This process is made possible by photosensors that determine when it is the right time for your car to shift from low to high beams and vice-versa.

Before even deciding to opt for OE or LED style bulb users are reminded that they have to know the right Ford socket size of their cars. An LED bulb system would be recommended for Ford users who often have early morning commutes to work or those who drive at night.


There are many aftermarket headlights that are fit for Ford cars apart from the standard Ford headlights. The good thing about the aftermarket headlights is the fact that they come with different sizes and different functional abilities giving a variety to the customers. It is crucial that one should ensure that they replace their standard stock lights with new aftermarkets that is of the same size as the original one. If the original light system was an HID one, then it would be recommended that the replacement headlights lamps should be of HID lamps. But users are not restricted as they can easily have other specifications that may meet their needs. But if you opt for such a move, always ensure you consult with your trusted local dealer.

The new Ford headlights have a way of making your car to stand out from the rest. This is a fact that is made possible by the complex bulbs that are meant to guarantee not only durability but also compatibility. Even more important is the fact that the bulbs come in as being DOT/SAE satisfied which means that customers are guaranteed of high-quality products.

If users follow all the information provided on our website, then they are guaranteed of adding a lavish touch to their cars. We understand that finding the right replacement bulbs for all series produced between 1979 and 2019 may prove to be difficult. But users do not have to worry as out replacement light bulb guide makes it as easy as possible.

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