Chevy Silverado Headlight Bulb Sizes

The brightest and whitest headlight bulbs make driving in poor visibility conditions not also possible but also safe.  These bulbs are encased in well-designed housings that light up the road and help all other road users to see your car. If you go to the market today, you’ll find plenty of headlight bulbs, including light emitting diode (LED), sealed beams, and high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs.  All of them rely on the car’s electronic system for power, making life quite easy.

Do you know what usually makes headlamps to cast the most useful pattern onto drivers’ roadway? The lamps rely on reflectors in the bulb housing that enable them to do this. Whether you go for halogen, HID, or LED bulbs, your light driving path will be properly illuminated whenever you need it.

With HID headlight kit (Xenon headlight kit) you can increase your road visibility. You can get fog light whenever driving in inclement weather and want to illuminate the road just in front of your car. You can also use high beam if you want to see further.

Chevy Silverado Headlight bulb size chart

Chevy Silverado Third generation (2014–2019)

ApplicationBulb Size
High and Low BeamD5S
Brake Light7444
Center High Mount Stop Light921
License Plate Light2825
Luggage Compartment Light921
Parking Light7443
Parking Front Light7443
Side Marker Light7443
Side Marker Front Light7443
Side Marker Rear Light7444
Tail Light7444
Trunk Cargo Area Light921
Turn Signal Front Light7443
Turn Signal Rear Light7444
Vanity Mirror Light6612F

Chevrolet Silverado Second generation (2007–2014)

ApplicationBulb SizeBulb Size
Back Up LightStandard Model: 921Long Life Model: 912LED
Brake LightStandard Model: 7444Long Life Model:  7444LED
Center High Mount Stop LightStandard Model: 921Long Life Model: 912LED
Fog Front LightStandard Model: 5202
Headlight HighStandard Model: 9005
Headlight LowStandard Model: H11
License Plate LightStandard Model: 2825Long Life Model: 194LED
Parking LightStandard Model: 7443Long Life Model:  7443LED
Side Marker Front LightStandard Model: 7443Long Life Model:  7443LED
Side Marker Rear LightStandard Model: 7444Long Life Model:  7444LED
Tail LightStandard Model: 7444Long Life Model:  7444LED
Trunk Cargo Area LightStandard Model: 921Long Life Model: 912LED
Turn Signal Front LightStandard Model: 7443Long Life Model:  7443LED
Turn Signal Rear LightStandard Model: 7444Long Life Model:  7444LED
Vanity Mirror LightStandard Model: 6612F

Chevrolet Silverado First generation (1999–2007)

ApplicationBulb SizeBulb Size
Back Up LightStandard Model: 3047K
Brake LightStandard Model: 3047K
Fog LightStandard Model: 5202
Front Side Marker LightStandard Model: 2825
Front Turn Signal LightStandard Model: 4157NAK
High Beam HeadlightStandard Model: 9005Long Life Model:  9005LL
License Plate LightStandard Model: 192
Low Beam HeadlightStandard Model: H1155
Parking LightStandard Model: 4157NAK
Rear Turn Signal LightStandard Model: 3047K
Tail LightStandard Model: 3047K
Trunk LightStandard Model: 921Long Life Model: 912LED

Aftermarket Headlights

Considering all the different car parts you’ll buy, light bulbs are surely a small investment. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to take your time to choose the best ones. Remember, your headlight bulb type and quality determines whether you will be able to drive safely whenever the natural sun is insufficient.  In fact, even your Chevy Silverado headlight bulb size, socket size, and bulb voltage matters. For that matter, spend your money only on products that are popular for their high reliability, cost efficiency, and quality, such as Halogen lamps or LED lamps.

With these quality light bulbs, you won’t replace your bulbs every so often. Don’t forget you will also be able to see where you are going more clearly. This means by investing in these bulbs; you’ll be mitigating several untold risks.  Due to these benefits, I consider that spending a little more to get high-quality bulbs shouldn’t be an issue at all at any given time.


If you are wondering how you can install your light bulb, you are in the right place. This Chevy Silverado replacement guide provides the simple steps that you need to follow. And eventually successfully install your bulb within minutes.

1.    Prepare for the important process

  • Turn off your car and wait – Ensure the engine bay is cold before doing anything else.
  • Open up your vehicle’s hood – open the driver-side door and then release the latch, which is located under the steering wheel.
  • Release the housing Unit – Take out the pin that’s above the headlight.
  • Securely store the pin – you’ll use it again after you finish replacing your bulbs.

2.    Remove your old light bulbs

  • Tilt the headlight downward-once the pin is put, do this to access all the wires.
  • Pinch and pull out the blue clips from the wiring harness.
  • Gently twist the bulb counter clockwise-till the harness and light bulb are safely removed.

3.    Insert your new light bulb

  • Unpackage your bulb.
  • Insert it into the hole where you removed the old one.
  • Gently twist the light bulb clockwise till it safely locks into place.
  • Ensure the harness points down.
  • Plug the harness back till you hear a click.

4.    Put the Headlight in

  • Tuck in the wires to replace the headlight housing back.
  • Ensure the guide holes for the pin, and the housing pack are aligned.
  • Insert back the pin that you removed at the beginning and securely stored.

5.    Repeat

  • Replace the low beam headlight-follow step 1-to-4 above.
  • Keep track of all your car parts and put your old light bulbs in the appropriate bin.

6.   Check Alignment

  • Carefully evaluate your headlight alignment- hire a professional or use Youtube videos.

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