Chevy Malibu Headlight Bulb Size

Chevy Malibu Headlight Bulb Size Chart

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There are few cars on the road more iconic than Chevy’s Malibu. First introduced in 1964, it is currently produced as a modern midsized sedan. It has seen many redesigns, but some features have remained through decades of production.

One of the first things you might notice is it’s racy, sweeping lines. It’s hard not to think of James Bond movies when seeing this car cruising down the road.

Today, Malibus are available in turbocharged four-cylinder and V6 forms. The four-cylinder turbo gets about 33 MPG on the highway; an impressive number for a large family sedan that can seat up to five people.

The Chevy Malibu has also won many safety awards over the years, including an overall five star safety rating from NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).

However, only one submodel offers side airbag protection for rear passengers; all other models offer front seat coverage only. It also offers standard stability control, traction control, and antilock brakes.

The Chevy Malibu is well-equipped to offer you nothing but the perfect ride. But you have a duty to enhance its overall visibility and also overall worth. How??  Replace those worn headlights with advanced ones for a more excellent experience.

If you want to travel near mountainous regions, you may not be safe without a high-quality fog light. As such, it’s clear you don’t need those worn out or dimmed bulbs anymore. After all, your safety comes first before anything else.

Aftermarket headlights

The Chevy Malibu first hit our roads in 1964. But the producer took a break in 1983. Due to the high demand for the stylish model, the manufacturer returned to the market in 1983. And it has remained in the business to date.

It considerably improved the latest generation Malibu and featured essential elements such as a 6-speed automatic and 4-cylinder engine transmission.

This elegant model is widely known as a solid choice for midsize families given its outstandingly smooth performance, advanced electronics, and quiet ride.

You can now probably see more clearly why you don’t need to hesitate to upgrade your headlight bulbs and replace those that have gone bad. Remember, you deserve nothing but premium quality.

An HID headlight kit or Xenon headlight kit can advance your visibility irrespective of the prevailing conditions on the road.

Yet, none of them is beyond the reach of an average car owner. Go for the upgrade options that have the rights specs and will increase your car’s functionality and reliability

This Chevy Malibu headlight bulb replacement guide offers general information on some of the most important matters that likely concern. But you need to use your user’s manual as well to avoid making any mistakes.

But never forget that your Chevy Malibu headlight bulb size, headlight bulb type, and your socket size will influence whether you’ll choose LED lamps or Halogen lamps, or any other.

You also need to consider your bulb wattage and bulb voltage. When you are clear on the specs, move on and purchase these items. You can window shop for a while if you want to compare the prices.

What do you do after buying the right headlight bulbs?  Here’s what you need to do. Install.


1. Remove the plastic pop rivets

  • Pry out the center of the rivet
  • Pry out the outer piece
  • Pull out the plastic fastener

2. Set Radiator cover in secure location

  • Store the 11 bolts and 4 plastic fasteners safely
  • Gently lift up the cover
  • Place it in a safe location

3. Make more room for work

  • Turn the steering wheel towards the opposite side of the side with a fault
  • Remove both wheels (to replace the two headlights concurrently)
  • Use two jack stands to secure your car
  • Locate the black 7mm screws (beneath the front bumper)
  • Use a socket or wrench to remove them
  • Remove one black plastic rivet (each side of the underbody cover)
  • Remove 4-6 7mm screws and one pop rivet (to replace headlights in one assembly)

4. Access the last two 10mm bolts

  • Locate the black plastic pop rivets (next to the wheel well liner)
  • Pull them out with needle nose pliers
  • Peel back the liner till you reach the bolts
  • Ensure the bolts, screws, and rivets are safely kept
  • Open the wheel well liner
  • Pull out the 10mm bolt closer to the wheel
  • Loosen the 2nd inner bolt a bit

5. Remove the side of the bumper

  • Gently pull away from the bumper cover
  • Loosen the inner 10mm bolt more (if needed)
  • Don’t remove it entirely (may be difficult to re-insert)

6. Insert your headlight bulbs and procedurally return the radiator cover that you removed

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