The Cherokee is one of the few SUVs today that promises to be good on the road and off the road, and it largely delivers. There is almost no other competitor in its segment that offers all the traits the Cherokee does, which makes it a very popular choice with buyers.

Being a vehicle that will spend its life on a variety of terrains and in a variety of conditions, the Cherokee must be served with good headlights. Safety in the most severe conditions should always be No1 priority and for that reason, here we will talk about ways to improve the headlights on your Cherokee.

We will even throw a replacement guide if you don’t have time to visit the mechanic and want to change the bulbs yourself. Interested? Read on to find out!

Jeep Cherokee Headlight Bulb Size Chart

Jeep Cherokee KK (2008–2012)

ApplicationBulb SizeBulb Size
Back Up Inner LightStandard Model: 921Long Life Model: 912LED
Back Up Inner LightStandard Model: 921B
Back Up Outer LightStandard Model: 7440Long Life Model: 7440LED
Brake LightStandard Model: 3157RLong Life Model:  3157RLED
Check Engine LightStandard Model: 74Long Life Model:  74LED
Courtesy LightStandard Model: 2825Long Life Model: 194LED
Daytime Running LightStandard Model: 3157Long Life Model:  3157LED
Fog Front LightStandard Model: 2504
Fog Front LightStandard Model: H11
Fog Rear LightStandard Model: 7440Long Life Model: 7440LED
Glove Box LightStandard Model: 194Long Life Model: 194LED
Headlight HighStandard Model: 9005
Headlight LowStandard Model: D1S
Headlight LowStandard Model: H11
High Beam Indicator LightStandard Model: 74Long Life Model:  74LED
Instrument Panel LightStandard Model: 103
License Plate LightStandard Model: 168Long Life Model: 194LED
Parking LightStandard Model: 7444NA
Parking Brake Indicator LightStandard Model: 74Long Life Model:  74LED
Seat Belt LightStandard Model: 74Long Life Model:  74LED
Side Marker Front LightStandard Model: 2825Long Life Model: 194LED
Side Marker Rear LightStandard Model: 3157Long Life Model:  3157LED
Stepwell LightStandard Model: 906
Tail Inner LightStandard Model: 2821
Tail Outer LightStandard Model: 3157RLong Life Model:  3157RLED
Trunk Cargo LightStandard Model: 214-2
Turn Signal Front LightStandard Model: 7444NA
Turn Signal Indicator LightStandard Model: 74Long Life Model:  74LED
Turn Signal Rear LightStandard Model: 3157Long Life Model:  3157LED

Jeep Cherokee KJ (2001–2008)

ApplicationBulb SizeBulb Size
Ash Tray LightStandard Model: 161
Back Up LightStandard Model: 921Long Life Model: 912LED
Brake LightStandard Model: 3157K
Fog LightStandard Model: H1042
Front Side Marker LightStandard Model: 194Long Life Model: 194LL
Front Turn Signal LightStandard Model: 3157NALong Life Model: 3157NAK
Glove Compartment LightStandard Model: 194Long Life Model: 194LL
High Beam HeadlightStandard Model: 9005LL
License Plate LightStandard Model: 168Long Life Model:  168LL
Low Beam HeadlightStandard Model: 9006LL
Map LightStandard Model: 578
Parking LightStandard Model: 3157NALong Life Model: 3157NAK
Rear Side Marker LightStandard Model: 3157Long Life Model: 3157LL
Rear Turn Signal LightStandard Model: 3157K
Step LightStandard Model: 906
Tail LightStandard Model: 3157K
Trunk LightStandard Model: 579

Jeep Cherokee XJ (1984–2001)

ApplicationBulb SizeBulb Size
Ash Tray LightStandard Model: 1891
Back Up LightStandard Model: 1156Long Life Model: 1156LL
Brake LightStandard Model: 3157Long Life Model: 3157LL
Dome LightStandard Model: 561
Fog LightStandard Model: 01007
Front Side Marker LightStandard Model: 194Long Life Model: 194LL
Front Turn Signal LightStandard Model: 3157Long Life Model: 3157LL
Glove Compartment LightStandard Model: 194Long Life Model: 194LL
HeadlightStandard Model: H6054
High Mount Brake LightStandard Model: 922
Instrument LightStandard Model: 53Long Life Model:  74LED
Instrument LightStandard Model: 658
Instrument LightStandard Model: 74
Instrument LightStandard Model: PC194
License Plate LightStandard Model: 168
Map LightStandard Model: 561Long Life Model: 912LED
Map LightStandard Model: 906
Map LightStandard Model: 912
Parking LightStandard Model: 3157Long Life Model: 3157LL
Rear Side Marker LightStandard Model: 194Long Life Model: 194LL
Rear Turn Signal LightStandard Model: 3157Long Life Model: 3157LL
Step LightStandard Model: 168
Step LightStandard Model: 906
Tail LightStandard Model: 3157Long Life Model: 3157LL
Trunk LightStandard Model: 561
Under Hood LightStandard Model: 561

How to find the right headlight bulbs for Jeep Cherokee?

The latest generation of Jeep Cherokee uses 9012 bulbs with a dual filament for both the low beam and high beam. This means that even when one of the filaments goes away, you must change the whole bulb in order to have a low or high beam. Older models have different combinations of bulbs. The best way to tell which bulb your Cherokee has is to check in the owner’s manual, ask at a mechanic or Jeep dealer, or even remove the bulb and go to the store to compare it to the bulbs on the shelves.

How to upgrade Jeep Cherokee headlights?

An easy way to upgrade the headlights of your Cherokee is to replace the bulbs with more powerful halogen bulbs from a reputable manufacturer. These don’t cost a fortune and are very easy to install. However, the difference will be minor at best – you may even not be able to notice the difference.

A better option is HID bulbs, which produce more powerful light and last longer than halogen bulbs. However, they cost more and can be installed only with a conversion kit. That is unless your Cherokee already has Xenon (HID bulb only for the low beam) or bi-Xenon headlights (HID bulbs for both low and high beam), which naturally uses HID bulbs.

Another alternative is LED bulbs, which shine even brighter than both HID and Halogen bulbs, while also consuming less energy. However, even though the output will be brighter, due to the design of the housing, the light may not reach as far as with other headlight bulb types. It all depends on the vehicle though, and your mileage may vary.

Light bulbs replacement guide

Replacing the headlight bulbs on the Jeep Cherokee is no easy task and we strongly recommend doing it at a mechanic or your nearest Jeep dealer. If you still want to do it yourself, you will need a ¼” drive ratchet and an 8mm socket. The full list of steps if below if you’re interested:

  • Turn the steering wheel all the way to the left to change the left bulb and vice versa;
  • Slightly remove the plastic wheel liner by unscrewing the two 8mm screws;
  • You should now see the black plastic bulb cover. Remove it by twisting counterclockwise;
  • Rotate the base of the bulb by ¼ counterclockwise and pull toward you;
  • Push the retaining clips so you can remove the bulb from the wiring harness;
  • Reconnect the new bulb to the wiring harness. Be careful not to touch the glass with your fingers as that may shorten the life of the bulb.