How to choose the perfect headlight bulbs for Toyota Sienna?

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2020 Toyota Sienna ChartBuy Bulb on Amazon
Fog Light Bulb Front
Headlight Bulb High Beam
Headlight Bulb Low Beam(with halogen headlights)
Headlight Bulb Low Beam(with HID headlights)
Brake Light Bulb
License Plate Light Bulb
Daytime Running Light Bulb
Turn Signal Light Bulb Rear
Side Marker Light Bulb Front
Turn Signal Light Bulb Front(with halogen headlights)
Parking Light Bulb(with halogen headlights)
Parking Light Bulb(with HID headlights)
Tail Light Bulb Inner
Tail Light Bulb Outer
Turn Signal Light Bulb Front(with HID headlights)
Side Marker Light Bulb Front(with HID headlights)
Back Up Light Bulb
Vanity Mirror Light Bulb
Trunk or Cargo Area Light
Dome Light Bulb
Map Light Bulb
Interior Door Light Bulb
Door Mirror Illumination Light Bulb

The Toyota Sienna is one of the most popular minivans out there, and that’s for a reason. It is very spacious and practical, powerful and efficient, and comfortable on the open road. This makes it the perfect companion for a long road trip with the family, doesn’t it?

One of the most important factors that people forget about minivans are the front headlights. Why are they important? Well, you sure wouldn’t want to drive in the night with half-baked front headlight solution. When traveling on long distances, you’ll want headlights that will completely light up the road ahead, while also not blinding other drivers.

The Sienna is already equipped with powerful headlights, and that’s especially true for models equipped with HID or Xenon headlights. However, you can always do even better and make that journey even more pleasurable. Read on to find out how to do that!

The Toyota Sienna headlights are truly impressive, mainly because they’re equipped with projector lenses. If you aren’t sure what projector lights are, here is the gist of it. A projector lens projects the light towards a specific point in front of the car to make that road ahead bright and clear for other drivers or pedestrians. Projector lenses feature larger surface areas which means that more light is covered by them, while also allowing you to see better at night because of it. On top of that projectors are designed to provide optimal illumination throughout the lifespan of the headlight bulbs. Thanks to this, other drivers won’t be able to tell if your headlights are on! Projector headlights are mostly found on luxury models, but luckily the Sienna is equipped with them from factory.

In order for all that light to be useful, you need projector headlights. However, that’s not enough because you also need a good pair of high-quality bulbs. In this article we’ll explain why changing your stock speaker Toyota Sienna headlight bulbs is a good idea and how to do it. We have some tips on how to save money on this process as well!

Before going into details, let’s break down what causes those bright lights to burn out as quickly as they do:

If you turn on your headlights at night and notice that there are more shadows or holes in front of you then you should definitely change those headlight bulbs ASAP.

There you go! If you take care of your headlights and replace them when needed, they should work just fine for many, many years. Be smart and remember to check your headlight bulbs at least twice a year in order to avoid accidents or fines! If the projectors that we mentioned above are also burnt out (they usually aren’t), you might want to consider getting HID projector headlights. They allow for even better vision because they shine brighter than regular headlight bulbs, provide crystal clear light and won’t ever burn out. We haven’t written an article about how to install them (maybe we will), but if you think you can do it yourself then we recommend doing so because it would be a shame if your investment were to go away that quickly.

To put it simply, replacing the stock headlight bulbs on Toyota Sienna isn’t as hard as you might think. In fact, you should even be able to do it yourself! If you follow these instructions and tips then you won’t have any problems with doing it at home without going broke in the process. We encourage our readers to leave us a comment below to tell us whether they managed to replace their headlights or not and what issues they had along the way. We also encourage them to share this guide so everyone can benefit from a safer journey!

Toyota Sienna Headlight Bulb Size Chart

How to find the right headlight bulbs for Toyota Sienna?

The latest gen Toyota Sienna uses H11 bulbs for the low beam and 9005 bulbs for the high beam, which is standard for a vehicle of its generation. However, we strongly recommend checking in the owner’s manual first and then buy the bulb. Variations between models are possible and you wouldn’t want to spend money on a bulb that you won’t use.

How to upgrade the headlights on the Toyota Sienna?

Well, it all depends on what kind of headlights your Sienna is equipped with. If it has normal halogen headlights, then you have a plethora of options available that will make them perform much better. If you have Xenon headlights, you can improve the low beam, and if you have bi-Xenon headlights, there is really not a lot to improve on – these are already great for long night driving sessions.

But let’s start with halogen headlights. For these, you can install more powerful halogen bulbs in order to have better lighting in night conditions, but the difference will not be very big. If you want a big jump from the OEM bulbs, you’ll need to install HID bulbs. These not only shine brighter, but they also last for longer periods of time. However, they are more expensive and must be installed together with a conversion kit. Despite that, they are still worth it in our book because they improve the safety of your Sienna. HID bulbs can also be used in Xenon headlights for a bi-Xenon conversion (the halogen high beam bulb is replaced with HID bulb).

In the past few years LED bulbs have emerged as an alternative to halogen and HID bulbs, and they have few advantages. Namely, they shine much brighter and require less energy to do that, but on the other hand, they don’t work great with the existing headlight design. In other words, the headlights will be brighter, but the light won’t reach as far. If you want a big improvement in long-range lighting, we will recommend using HID bulbs instead. So let’s move on to the list of best replacement bulbs for your Sienna:

One important thing that you should remember is that not all Xenon conversions are done by replacing the halogen headlight bulb with a HID one. Instead, some car headlights have both types of bulbs installed side-by-side, so what happens is that when the high beam is switched on, the xenon gas inside the HID bulb ignites creating an intense light. Halogen low beams still operate at normal levels and don’t use xenon gas. However, if you own a Toyota Sienna from 2005-2010 model years and are looking to get better lighting on the road, then you’ll need to know that 2005-2006 models use 9006 bulbs for both low and high beams. The factory wiring is not compatible with LED lights so converting them would require some rewiring of the harnesses inside the vehicle.

The first two options are HID kits designed specifically for your Sienna so they aren’t universal. If you go with these conversion kits, just remember that aftermarket Xenon headlights will fit more loosely than OEM ones because there are usually no adjustable mounting points present.

For 9005/9006 or 9007 HID kits, this is possibly one of the simplest conversions available on the market. It doesn’t require modification of any parts and just plugs into the stock wiring. Just remember that these can’t be used with stock halogen bulbs because they have a different type of connection.

If you don’t feel up for a DIY project, then an HID kit might be a better option for you. It costs more than a conversion kit, but it is completely plug-and-play so there isn’t any wiring involved to get it installed in your Sienna. The downside is that it still sticks out from the headlight housing even when not turned on. It has adjustable mounting points which allows it to fit perfectly over your headlights without having to drill holes anywhere (in case you use aftermarket Xenon headlights like most like).

Light bulbs replacement guide

As with almost every other Toyota, changing the bulbs on the Sienna is very easy – you don’t even need tools for the job! Before you start though, we recommend checking which bulb is burnt out – the low beam or the high beam. Then, just follow these simple steps:

  • Press the release tab on the electrical connector and remove it from the base of the bulb
  • Rotate the bulb counterclockwise around ¼ and then pull it out of the housing
  • Insert the new bulb in the housing and turn clockwise until it “clicks”
  • Reconnect the electrical connector to the base of the bulb

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