H7 bulb guide


All the lamps that fall into the category of H7 are included in Group 1. According to UN Regulation 37, these lights are always road legal. So, you can buy any of them and use for just anything. When you want to change your parking lights, fog lights, headlights, sidelights, number plate lights, and more, your H7 will come in handy.

The halogen light bulbs are dual beam lamp. If you purchase any of them, you will see that they have single filaments that produce the two beams. They are different from H4, which have twin filaments that work for low and high beams.

The lifespan of H7 lamps is approximately 1,000 hours. If you properly maintain them, you can get the service for a long period. However, due to management issues, they sometimes last for as short as 400 hours or less.

The bulbs use PGJ19-1 base. Their nominal power is 55 watts at 12 volts and 70 watts at 24 volts. Despite the high capacity, you may still upgrade the lamp. You have the option to go for brighter and whiter bulbs than the others that are available on the market to upgrade your halogen H7 bulbs.


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