How to install halos headlights

Are Halo headlights hard to install? Installing halo projector headlights is fairly simple, but can take a few hours. This is just a general guide for headlights and might vary … Read more

How to remove film from headlights

How do I get the film off my headlights? Toothpaste and baking soda can be effective cleansers for cleaning headlights. Both products are abrasive enough to take off the fog … Read more

What are low beam headlights

Are low beams the same as headlights? Low beams are the ‘normal’ lights your car headlights emit and are used when driving at night or in a dim or dark … Read more

3457 vs 3157

What bulb can I use instead of 3157? Yes, you may use the 3057 bulbs instead of 3157 bulbs. Both of these bulbs have wedge D.F mounting and C-6 dual … Read more

How to clean tail lights

How do you clean dull tail lights? How do you clean dirty tail lights? How do you restore faded tail lights? How do you fix foggy tail lights? Removing Moisture … Read more

Who replaces tail lights

How much is it to replace tail light? A new tail light switch, accounting for labor, will cost from $70 to $100. The plastic and colored lens over on top … Read more

Which fuse is for tail lights

Are tail lights and brake lights on the same fuse? The brake light and tail light often share the same bulb, but there are two different circuits inside it. This … Read more

How to change interior lights

Can you change the interior lights of your car? Consult the owner’s manual in order to purchase the correct light bulbs. Replacement interior dome light bulbs are typically 10W Festoon … Read more

How to keep headlights from oxidizing

Can you prevent headlights from oxidizing? Applying a surface protectant acts as a shield for the headlight and protects it from oxidation, UV rays, dust and fog. Applying car wax … Read more

How to clean yellowed headlights

How do you remove yellow oxidation from headlights? Mix car shampoo (or liquid dish soap) with water onto your CleanTools premium wash mitt until it foams for an initial wipe … Read more

What headlights to use in fog

Which headlight beams are best to use in the fog? Don’t use high-beam headlights. They won’t shine through the fog but just reflect the light back in your eyes, making … Read more

2825 bulb vs 194

Are 194 and 2825 bulbs the same? This was their answer: With traditional, the wattage, amps, and life vary. The 2825 will have the highest lumens, with 168 a little … Read more

Who fixes tail lights

How much does it cost to fix tail lights? From normal operation, the tail light lens can either become cloudy due to the environment around the car or, more often … Read more

What are sequential tail lights

How do sequential tail lights work? Sequential tail lights function by illuminating a single bar at a time on your Mustang’s distinctive and iconic tri-bar tails until all three are … Read more

How to french tail lights

How do you make sequential tail lights? How do you smoke your own tail lights? How can I make my tail lights look better? How do you bake LED tail … Read more

Why are my interior lights staying on

Why wont my interior lights turn off? The possible causes of the interior lights not turning off are the headlight switch being at the furthest counter-clockwise position, activating the dashboard … Read more

How to retrofit headlights

What does it mean to retrofit headlights? HID, or High Intensity Discharge retrofits allow you to install “or retrofit” HID projectors inside a halogen headlight. This allows your headlight to … Read more

What are the best led headlights

What is a good LED headlight brand? Editor’s Pick: SEALIGHT Scoparc S1 LED Bulbs Combo, Super Bright Cool White. We chose the SEALIGHT 6,000K/6,500lm Scoparc S1 LED headlights for our … Read more

9003 vs h4

What bulb is the same as 9003? As earlier mentioned, the 9003 bulb is almost the same as the H4. However, the two are slightly different, more so in the … Read more

Where to buy tail lights

How much does it cost to buy a tail light? A new tail light switch, accounting for labor, will cost from $70 to $100. The plastic and colored lens over … Read more

Why my tail lights don t work

What would cause tail lights not to work? The most common reason why your tail lights are not working but brake lights are is due to a bad or wrong … Read more

How to nightshade tail lights

How long does it take nightshade to dry? Warning: Once applied to a plastic lens, VHT Nite-Shades™ cannot be satisfactorily removed. For off-road use only. Dry Time Dries to the … Read more

How to change headlights

Can I change my headlight myself? Most times, changing a headlight is straightforward and doesn’t require taking your car to a mechanic. Check out other DIY car maintenance projects anyone … Read more

How to test headlights without car

How do you check headlights before installing? To do that you can either use the vehicle’s battery, or just the 12V dill battery. Now, connect red wire running from the … Read more

What are high beam headlights

When should you use your high beam headlights? High beam headlights should be used at night, whenever you’re unable to see enough of the road ahead to drive safely. Low … Read more

2357 vs 1157

What is a 2357 bulb used for? SYLVANIA – 2357 Long Life Miniature – Bulb, Ideal for Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and Back-Up/Reverse Lights (Contains 2 Bulbs) What is the … Read more

What are tail lights

What are tail lights used for? Tail Lights are mounted to the rear of the car above the bumper. They are red in color and have accompanying white lights beside … Read more

How to fix tail lights

Why is my tail light not working? The most likely cause for malfunctioning tail lights is a blown fuse, followed by a problem with the wiring or the control switch. … Read more

How to make custom headlights

Can you get custom headlights made? RWR LED Technologies is the industry leader in custom headlight builds. Our builder has 10 years of experience customizing headlights for anything from classic … Read more

What cars have pop up headlights

What cars still have pop-up headlights? 10 Cool Cars With Pop-Up Headlights You Can Buy For Cheap 1 Pontiac Fiero. Via: BringaTrailer. 2 Ford Probe. via WikiMedia Commons. … 3 … Read more

912 vs 921 bulb

What is a 912 bulb used for? The 912 lamp operates at 12.8 volts and 1 amp. It is typically used as a trunk light, interior dome light, or high … Read more

How to reseal tail lights

How do you reseal a tail light lens? How do you seal a tail light house? How do you seal water tail lights? How do you temporarily fix a tail … Read more

What are interior lights

What is interior lighting in cars? Automotive interior lighting is lighting inside of a car that provides comfort and safety for the driver and passengers, with features such as: Instrument … Read more

How to adjust your headlights

How high should your headlights be aimed? The top of the low beam shining on the wall should be at or slightly below the height of the center of the … Read more

How to dim headlights

How do I dim my headlights too bright? Replace illuminant. Replacing the bulbs that are too bright with a variant with the same lamp socket but less power will solve … Read more

What does drl mean for headlights

Are daytime running lights the same as headlights? Daytime Running Lights They cannot replace the use of a regular headlight during the night, but provide more visibility during regular driving. … Read more

3156 vs 3157

Is a 3157 and 3156 bulb the same? Yes! The 3157 LED bulb is the dual filament option for the 3156 LED bulb. You can easily use a 3157 bulb … Read more

What color are tail lights

What color should tail lights be? It’s the law in all 50 states, brake lights have to be red. There are scientific and logical reasons that brake lights have to … Read more