Audi RS5 Headlight Bulb Size

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Glove Box Light Bulb

First Generation (2010–2015)

Bulb Replacement

I’m gonna change the ballast of headlight on any out es5 2013 it would work on a RS 5 a 5 no problem at all in our case we can see the light is getting a bit yellow and brown compared to this one now sometimes it could be the ballast and sometimes could it be headlight but since we already changed the ballast on the left one might as well just change on the right one since it’s gonna die anyway so so the first thing to do is basically open up the hood and remove this cover you will need a t30 torx and i’m using a bit longer one since sometimes it’s very hard to get down to the bolts there are underneath and I also use a magnet holder this magnet will help me in case…

Generation (since 2017)

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