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Volvo XC 90 Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

Driving a car with faulty or unreliable headlights is not a good idea. If your Volvo XC 90’s headlight is not working, then you should replace it as soon as possible. This guide will teach you how to replace the headlight assembly in your Volvo XC 90 at home to save your time and money.

We will also be looking at the halogens, HIDs, and LEDs to see which is better and why so keep reading.

What Type of Headlights Are There in Volvo XC90:

Before you buy a new headlight assembly, you should make sure about what headlight does your Volvo XC90 has and which new technology you want to install now.

This luxury mid-sized SUV has two generations and has been in the market from 2002 to now, showing its popularity. The first thing to understand is that there are three types of headlights: Halogens, HIDs, and LEDs.

Most vehicles come equipped with halogens, but the high-end trims also have Xenon or LEDs. HIDs are primarily used in fog lights because they are very bright.

Halogens, HIDs, LEDs: Which is Better

Halogens are similar to the incandescent bulbs used in our houses because they also have filaments. They are popular in Europe because they offer sufficient light and are readily available. Halogens have an average lifespan of around 800 hours, and after that, the filament often breaks. Last but not least reason for such popularity, halogens are cheap.

HIDs are way brighter than halogens. HIDs produce 3000 Lumens which is more than twice the 1400 Lumens of halogens. HIDs have longer ranges and longer lifespans, up to 8000 hours. HIDs also use less power, so there is not much strain on the other engine components.

HIDs cause glare and are very expensive. You will not find them everywhere, so there are some availability issues.

LEDs have the best of both worlds, that’s why it’s the most popular choice nowadays. Bright, efficient, more extended range, no glare, longer lifespan (40000 hours) are some LEDs features. It is a little expensive initially, but the cost is reimbursed with zero maintenance cost over time.

Required Tools for Headlight Replacement

  • A new headlight assembly
  • Flathead and Phillips screwdriver

Instructions for 03-12 Volvo XC90 Headlight Assembly Replacement

  • Pop the hood and move towards the headlight you want to replace.
  • Remove the two metal tabs at the back of the headlight. Their role is to secure the headlight in position. To remove them, you pull them out with your hands or use pliers if they are stuck.
  • Once you remove the tabs, the headlight assembly will be free, and you can pull it out. To take the assembly completely off, disconnect the harnesses. You can replace the bulbs or use a new headlight assembly with this.
  • Put the new headlight assembly in the stock position and connect the harnesses. Before putting it in, check if it contains bulbs because many new assemblies do not come with bulbs.
  • Put the tabs back and lock the headlight.
  • The installation of your new headlight assembly is now complete.
  • The process will take around 10 minutes.

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