Volkswagen Jetta Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

There is a myth that replacing the headlight bulbs of Volkswagen Jetta is difficult. In this guide, we will teach you how to replace a burnt-out headlight bulb and the method to perform a headlight assembly upgrade in a Volkswagen Jetta.

Why would anyone want to replace or upgrade the headlight assembly of their vehicle? There are many reasons: the housing might be broken, the lens is fading due to age, or you want to improve your car’s appearance. 

With this headlight assembly upgrade guide, you will have everything you need to know about a VW Jetta headlight kit replacement.

Aftermarket Light Bulbs: Upgrade Options and Replacement Guide

There are two bulbs in the Volkswagen Jetta headlight housing, and if only one of them is burnt, you should wait for the other one to burn as well because the second one will fuse soon. This happens because a pair of bulbs are connected to many other functions of the car, and without the partner, all the burden falls on the second bulb. As a result, it burns out.

Try to replace the headlight halogen lamp with a Xenon lamp or an LED bulb as they offer better light and have a longer life expectancy.

To replace the bulb, you have to open the hood. Behind the headlight, a round-shaped dust cover will be visible to you. Twist the cover counterclockwise and remove it.

After removing the cover, find the bulb holders and turn/twist them to release the holder and pull the bulb out. Carefully do this and make sure not to damage the bulb or the housing.

Note how the old bulb was connected in the assembly and now put the new lamp in the same position.

Do not touch the glass part of the bulb as there will be lubricants on your hand. If the bulb sits easily, then cover the housing with the dust cover.

Volkswagen Jetta Headlight Kit Replacement

Headlight kit replacement in Volkswagen Jetta is very simple. You will need some knowledge and tools to perform this upgrade.

Required Tools for Volkswagen Jetta Headlight Assembly Replacement

  • T25, T30 sockets
  • Rachet
  • Socket extension
  • New headlight assembly

The Process of 2016 Volkswagen Jetta Headlight Assembly Replacement:

  • Go ahead and open the hood.
  • You will see 4 bolts on top of the headlight bracket, one on the lower side and one behind the grill. Remove all the bolts using a T30 socket.
  • Next, remove the 4 T25 bolts above the grill.
  • To unmount the grill bumper, lift the car’s front side and remove the T25 bolts from the bottom and inside the fender well on both sides.
  • After removing bolts, if possible, get help from another person when pulling the grill bumper off because it will take a little force. If you have installed fog lights, then disconnect the harness before removing the bumper.
  • Now remove the last T30 headlight bracket bolt left under the bumper and remove the headlight assembly. Remove all the harnesses while unmounting the headlight.
  • Connect the harnesses to the new headlight replacement kit and mount them in place. Now put everything back in place, and congratulations, you have replaced your headlight assembly.

Driving with dim or broken lights is dangerous, so never take the risk and change your headlights as fast as you can.

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