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Volkswagen GTI Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

If you want to have that urban street driver feel from your everyday use car, then Volkswagen GTI is the perfect option to consider. From the day of its launch, the car has gained the status of the legendary street racer.

From suspension to the overall look of the car, the Volkswagen GTI is another level when compared to other VW makes. But there’s one particular area of the car you need to put extra effort on. We are talking about the headlight and its replacement and maintenance dynamics.

This Volkswagen GTI headlight assembly replacement guide is going to help you out in this regard in a step-by-step manner,

  1. There’s nothing much to discuss when we talk about the tools that will be a must to deal with the headlight screws. You only need a T25 torque screwdriver to get the job done.
  2. When you reach right behind the headlight placement area, there will be four screws. No clips and nothing else. Just four screws holding the headlight model right in its place. Unscrew them by using the T25 torque screwdriver.
  3. Once the screws are removed, it’s time to take the grill out so you can have a better working space to deal with the rest of the headlight parts. Remember, it’s better to remove the grill from the left corner as it will come out more quickly from that end than any other.
  4. Don’t worry if the grill is not moving quickly, you can apply some force to do so. The grill is clipped with the front bumper. That’s why you might need extra force to remove the grill in the first place.
  5. The same method must be followed to take out the right grill. Now, you need to turn your tires entirely in the opposite direction of the headlight you are working on. Once the tired is placed in the perfect position, you will see five screws on both sides.
  6. Remove these screws by using the T25 torque screwdriver. You will also notice that the top screw is different from the rest of the four screws. This is the central screw that will hold the whole headlight compartment in place. Remove this screw with great care.
  7. If your Nissan GTI has fog lamps installed, you need to make sure that you don’t lose the fog lamp protective covers in the process. To avoid this, push your cover, so it doesn’t accidentally pop out in the process. If there are no fog lamps, you don’t need to bother. 
  8. At the next step, you need to pull the bumper out. The bumper will be attached to the fender through several clips. Again, you need to put some real effort into removing the bumper successfully. Don’t worry, and it won’t break under sheer force alone.
  9. For the final part, you can unscrew the four main headlight screws on both sides and replace the bulbs within. By doing so, the headlight bulbs will quickly come out with a few turns. But remember, it’s better to unclip the main power supply to the headlights before doing so.

Final note

We have prepared this Volkswagen GTI headlight assembly replacement guide so you can follow step by step to handle the headlight replacement process of your car without extra effort.

You can still get the same service from your local mechanics and car electricians. But what’s the point of paying extra money for something you can do yourself? It’s a great advantage if you know about the various mechanisms of your car firsthand. You never know when you might need that particular experience!

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