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Using Headlight Restoration Kits to Clean Car Headlights


Are you curious how accurate it is to clean car headlights from coca-cola with ammonia? Well, it’s real, and oh yeah! It s the exact same old coca-cola that you drink at lunch with your favorite burgers! It is a very powerful compound that can damage even the best of auto headlights.

That’s why if you want to clean car headlights from coca-cola with ammonia, you have to be very careful with what you are doing. You don’t want to damage anything and you definitely don’t want to mess up your headlights. First off, remove the hood and locate where the fogging issues are coming from. The best way to do this is by looking through your halo switch. If you see fogging issues, turn the fog switch to the left.

Now, you must work your way to the back of your vehicle. What I like to do is use my trusty pair of wire coat hosing. The reason I use these wire coat hoses is because they give me a little more protection and absorb way more road debris. They are also great for soaking up any excess moisture that may be sitting on top of the foggy headlights.

You will start off by removing the plastic clips from the headlights. You will need to take your sandpaper and lightly sand the sides and underneath of the cover so you can get into the crevices. Once you are done sanding, clean out all the dust that may be left. Use a wire brush to remove any extra dirt or road debris.

Once you have completed sanding, clean out the rest of the dirt using your chemical-free, oil-free, rust removing, rubber cleaner in order to keep the metal parts from rusting. Once you have completely dried the hazy area, you will be ready to begin your new installation. You will now put the hood back up and plug in your new kit. The best thing about installing HID headlights is that they install very easily.

With the HID headlights, the best and easiest way to restore them to their clear state is with the use of some type of solution. If you want to restore them to their clear state, you will need a few products to help you accomplish this task. The first product you will need is fine toothpaste. If you have never used one of these products before, you should know that it contains potassium nitrate which will destroy the fogged up film on your headlights.

The second product, you will need is a large bottle of baking soda. Baking soda works wonders when restoring fogged up car headlights. To use the baking soda, you will need to scrub it into the cracks between the headlights. Once you have scrubbed it in, you will then spray it all over the headlights. Be sure to allow the baking soda mixture to sit for fifteen minutes before you place your hood back on. This mixture will give the headlights a great shine after restoring them to their former clean condition.

The third product, you will need to clean car headlights is a car wash soap. This car wash soap is made for cleaning and conditioning the different areas on your car. To use this car wash soap, you will need to add just a small amount to a bucket of water. Once you mix the two together, you will be ready to begin cleaning the areas on your car headlights that are fogged up.

Another product you will need to clean car headlights with is a toothbrush and some toothpaste. Toothbrush and toothpaste work great together when cleaning car headlights because a toothbrush can get into those hard to reach crevices. Then, spray the toothpaste on the grime and the dirt and you are ready to rinse.

You might be surprised by how easy these home remedies are to use and how effective they can be. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to have your car headlights looking like new again. In fact, you don’t have to have expensive equipment either because you can easily make use of the materials found at your own home or garage.

You don’t need professional automotive skills to complete this task. All you need are your basic knowledge about household cleaning supplies and toothbrush. With these simple household items, you can get your car headlights shining like new. These are the best ways on protecting headlights from accumulating dirt and damage. Now, isn’t that great?

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