Toyota Yaris Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

Reduced visibility can be especially dangerous when driving through high-traffic routes in the dark. In such a case, you don’t only compromise your but also the safety of other drivers. 

For this reason, using damaged or worn-out headlights is illegal in many countries, including the US and UK.

As different car builds and models will have different replacement processes, this article will explain the steps involved in replacing the headlight assembly on your Toyota Yaris. The guide focuses specifically on the older models from 1995-2005, but owners with a newer model will find it useful too.

Does Toyota Yaris have projector or reflector headlights?

Toyota Yaris has projector headlights and comes with the standard Halogen bulbs. To upgrade your visibility, you may want to use LED or Xenon bulbs as they have a whiter hue and often come with higher Lumens. 

How long does it take to replace the headlight assembly?

The length of a replacement process depends on whether the headlights are mounted internally or externally. Older cars have a lengthier replacement process as these require unscrewing the bumper from the middle and wheel arch. 

Once you familiarize yourself with the process, you can easily replace both sides of the headlights within 20-30 minutes.

Headlight assembly replacement costs

A standard, high-quality headlight assembly kit can be bought for anywhere between $70-$200.

Steps to replacing the headlight assembly

The first step is to detach your car’s front bumper, which is screwed in with four cross-head screws. 

When changing just one side of the headlight, you don’t need to unscrew both sides; however, it can be easier once all screws are removed.  You will also need to unscrew the wheel arch as it attaches to the bumper as well. 

After this, you will find a bumper retainer pin in the middle, keeping the bumper’s top attached to the radiator grille. This is a push plastic pin that needs to be released before you can remove the bumper entirely.

You will now need to use an iron bar to lever up the two bumper attachments on each side of the bonnet lock. Push upwards with the iron bar until the attachment is fully disengaged from the bumper to have it fully released. 

Now, you only need to gently pull the bumper outwards to ensure it doesn’t bear any damage.

Unscrewing the headlamps

 Once the bumper is fully removed, you will be able to see all the screws securing the headlamp. These are pretty easy to locate with their clear visibility near the side and top of the headlamp. After this, you can fully disengage the headlamps and reach for the older bulbs. 

The next step is to locate your car’s headlight assembly, which is placed under the hood and behind some headlight wires. It’s best to follow the wires behind the headlights, which can lead you to find the bulb as they connect it to the power supply. 

The indicator bulb will have a white power connector secured within the black, plastic bulb retainer. And the main beam bulb will be attached behind the round, black rubber boot, which needs to be pulled until you see some retainer pins. 

Once these are unclipped, you can rotate the brown power connector ¼ turn counter-clockwise. The indicator bulb can be removed with the same rotation.

Final Verdict

The older Toyota Yaris models can have a relatively lengthier process as the bumper needs to be unscrewed from multiple places. However, replacing your headlight assembly does not need to be expensive or time-consuming. Following the steps in this guide ensure quick and simple removal and replacement without damaging any components.  

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