Toyota FJ Cruiser Bulb Size

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Headlight Bulb High Beam and Low Beam
Brake Light Bulb
Turn Signal Light Bulb Front
License Plate Light Bulb
Parking Light Bulb
Tail Light Bulb
Daytime Running Light Bulb
Turn Signal Light Bulb Rear
Back Up Reverse Light Bulb
Side Marker Light Bulb Front
Side Marker Light Bulb Rear
Trunk or Cargo Area Light
Dome Light Bulb

Headlight Bulbs By Year

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Headlight Bulb High Beam - 9003

AUXITO H4/9003 HB2 LED Low/High Beam Bulbs

Why do we choose this one?

The most stylish, fashionable and popular light bulbs are here.

  • AUXITO H4/9003 LED headlight bulbs have better visibility, same beam design as halogen bulbs, and adopt led chips to ensure perfect beam patterns dark spots or foggy light. 300% brighter than halogen headlights. H4 led headlight is built as almost the same size as a halogen bulb, the non-polarity socket simply plugs and plays like OEM bulbs and fits into the factory housing perfectly without any modification.
    Made of aluminum alloy shell and utilizing IP65 waterproof technology, the built-in powerful fan cools down the heat efficiently and ensures more than 30,000hrs service times.

Product Specs

  • Light Source Type - LED

  • Color Temperature - 6500 Kelvin

  • Brightness - 12000 Lumen

  • Wattage - 26 watts

  • Color - Xenon White

  • Lifespan - 30,000 hours

  • Error-less operating on 99% vehicles

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Hikari H4/9003 LED Bulbs High Lumens Dual Beam

Why do we like these bulbs? ( And why would YOU love them?)

HIKARI Thunder LED Headlight Bulbs are the brightest and most efficient headlight bulbs on the market. HIKARI Thunder LED is one of the most efficient LED chips on the market, with +330% brightness when compared to standard headlight bulbs. These bulbs produce over 12,000 lumens of pure high-quality light! HIKARI LEDs also have an advanced error-free cooling system to prevent overheating and constant current technology for burning with no filament degradation.

Product Specs

  • Light Source Type -12,000LM Thunder LED

  • Wattage - 30 watts

  • Fit Type - Universal

  • Voltage - 12 Volts (DC)

  • Crystal-Sharp Beam Pattern

  • Lifespan - Near 50,000 Hours

  • CANBUS Built-in/Error Free

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SEALIGHT X2 H4/9003 LED Hi/Lo Beam Bulbs, Super Bright Cool White with 20000RPM Turbo Fan

Reasons To Trust There Bulbs

SEALIGHT X2 H4/9003 LED Hi/Lo Beam Bulbs is a cutting-edge, high-performance and innovative lighting technology. The light tracing system precisely mimics the position of the original halogen filament whose driver side is lower, therefore it avoids wasting lumens and glaring others. With an effective heat dissipation system including an intelligent temperature control chip and 20,000RPM silent turbofan, these bulbs work well in all kinds of conditions. Compared to yellow light, white light is much brighter to see clearly.

Product Specs

  • Brand - SEALIGHT

  • Light Source Type - 7035 CSP LED

  • Wattage - 150 Watts

  • Fit Type - Universal Fit

  • Color Temperature - 6500 Kelvin

  • Cooling - 20000RPM Turbo Fan

  • Lifespan - 10 Years

  • Light Output - 20,000 Lumens (10,000 per bulb)

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Production 2006–present (LHD)

The Toyota FJ Cruiser is a retro-styled mid-size SUV produced by Toyota since 2006. Introduced as a concept car at the January 2003 North American International Auto Show, the FJ Cruiser was approved for production after positive consumer response and debuted at the January 2005 North American International Auto Show in final production form.

The FJ Cruiser is built by Toyota subsidiary Hino Motors in Hamura, Japan in 2006 and shares many structural underpinnings with the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. The FJ Cruiser entered the Japanese market on 4 December 2010, announced on 25 November that year.

Standard features include a four-wheel-drive system with Toyota’s electronic traction-control (A-TRAC), ABS, electronic brakeforce distribution, brake assist, and Vehicle Stability Control technologies. A standard four-wheel independent double-wishbone suspension provides comfort and capability. The FJ Cruiser also offers modern comforts such as power windows, mirrors, and locks, remote keyless entry, AC, an upgraded stereo with external media controls, Bluetooth® wireless connectivity for music streaming, and handsfree phone use*, USB port* and auxiliary input jack.

Upgrading Your Headlights

It is possible to upgrade your headlights from halogen or HID to LED, but you might want to consider whether it’s worth it. Upgrading to LED headlights can be an expensive endeavor. You can’t simply swap out a halogen bulb for LEDs; you have to replace the entire headlight assembly.

When cost isn’t an issue, there are still good reasons you might not want to upgrade your headlights.

The LED headlight conversion kit market is flooded with products that promise eye-blinding performance but don’t work as advertised or fail after a short period of time. What’s worse, these lighting assemblies won’t be covered by a warranty for long because the manufacturers will go out of business soon. The replacements will also likely end up being faulty. And replacement parts aren’t cheap either. You can spend more money chasing your tail trying to find functional lights than it would have cost you to buy them new in the first place! Some products are even dangerous and should never be used on public roads at night because they put drivers in danger.

There’s also the fact that LED headlights don’t throw light very far. Depending on where you live, this might not be an issue. If you mostly drive in country roads or if your city has good street lighting, it won’t matter much. However, if you do most of your driving on unlit highways at night, LEDs will let you see everything around your car but they won’t help other drivers see where you are headed! This makes them risky for highway travel. Headlights aren’t just about illuminating the dark for motorists following behind; they direct traffic so everyone knows which direction each vehicle is going.

It is possible to upgrade your headlights from halogen or HID to LED, but you might want to consider whether it’s worth it. Upgrading to LED headlights can be an expensive endeavor. You can’t simply swap out a halogen bulb for LEDs; you have to replace the entire headlight assembly.

Therefore, it’s important to consider whether you can recoup this cost. You also should be aware that LED headlights aren’t as bright as halogen and HID bulbs, meaning your nighttime visibility could decrease if you choose the wrong kit and retrofit LEDs into your existing headlight housings.

You might want to upgrade to LED headlights because they’re better for the environment and safer than other bulb types. However, there are several factors involved in making such a decision:

Price of LEDs (compared with halogens) How much brighter do LEDs really make my night-time visibility? If I buy new headlights for this vehicle will the old ones become less valuable on the used market? Will I save money by upgrading now, or is it more likely that I’ll have to upgrade again before the LED headlights wear out?

How much brighter are LEDs versus halogen and HID bulbs?

The power consumption of LEDs is far lower than that of halogen and HID. However, there’s a lot more involved in light output from a headlight than wattage.

Is It Possible To Change Your Headlights By Yourself?

You can certainly change a burned-out halogen headlight bulb yourself, but there are a few important things to take into consideration.

First and foremost: safety. The filament in a halogen bulb is made of very fine tungsten wire; it gets extremely hot, reaching temperatures of around 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit (1,260 Celsius). You should never touch the bulb itself with your bare hands to avoid getting burned. We recommend wearing gloves while changing the bulb.

The second thing you’ll need to think about is replacing other components while you’re at it; if we look at the shape and design of a headlight housing and compare it with that of an LED or HID lamp, we can see that there’s simply not enough room for both types inside one unit. As such, whenever you have a burned-out halogen headlight bulb on your hands, it’s also a good idea to replace any other obsolete or damaged components—such as the headlight housing itself.

If there are no cracks in the headlight housing and you’re not planning on changing the design of your car’s exterior (or even if you are), then this is probably all there is to it; simply purchase headlights that fit your car model and remove the old bulb by following these steps:

Remove fuse box panel at front of the vehicle. This usually requires you to push in two plastic tab locks located below each end of the panel on both sides near hinges. Pull out on panel while pushing down with thumb until it pops free. Electrical connectors need to be unplugged before removing! Be aware of any loose wiring harnesses as they can be pulled off easily.

After removing the panel, remove one screw holding each headlight assembly in place before pushing it out toward you and unplugging electrical connectors on the backside. Undo plastic clip at the base of the bulb by either twisting counterclockwise or prying with a flathead screwdriver. Pull the old bulb straight down and away from the vehicle while carefully guiding wires out of way. Push the new halogen bulb into the rear opening until it clicks firmly into place; repeat for another side if necessary. Replace headlight housing by sliding into place while aligning mounting holes underneath with those on front of the headlight. Replace mounting screws and tighten. Plug-in electrical connectors to rear of new headlights, then replace fuse box panel.

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