Toyota Corolla Hybrid Headlight Bulb Size

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Turn Signal Light Bulb Front
License Plate Light Bulb
Turn Signal Light Bulb Rear
Side Marker Light Bulb Front
Trunk or Cargo Area Light
Dome Light Bulb
Map Light Bulb

Bulb Replacement

i’m gonna change the headlight bulb in my 2012 Corolla this is a pretty simple thing but just making this video for people that haven’t done it before and want to see the process so on this particular car the driver’s side headlight bulb is located behind this crossmember sort of in front of the fuse box here so you can reach the bulb by just going in behind the crossmember sort of between the crossmember and the battery and they can get at the bulb and connector pretty easily so then you just have to kind of grab on to it and give it a quarter turn and then it’ll pull straight out then there’s enough slack in the wire to pull it up and away from the crossmember so to separate the bulb from the connector I’m gonna use this small flathead screwdriver put it in this access slot and kind of lift gently up on this tab that’s in the connector then we should just be able to pull the bulbs straight out like that in this case I’m gonna use the Sylvania extra vision 9006 bulb but any 9006 bulbs should fit a

2012 Corolla if you’re working on a different year maker model make sure you get the right bulb for your car so here’s a look at the new and old bulbs side-by-side this one being the old bulb and this one being the new one you can see that they’re identical so we should be good to go couple of words of advice when changing a halogen headlight never touch the bulb element with your finger because you can get some oils on there that’ll create a hot spot and shorten the life of the bulb now another thing that I like to do is I always replace my headlight bulbs in pairs even though

I’ve only got one bad one on this car right now now the reason I like to do that is because the new one usually ends up being a little bit brighter than the old one it creates a lopsided lighting pattern and just looks kind of weird and some could argue that having a lopsided light pattern could be a bit of a safety concerns so I just end up replacing both for peace of mind and aesthetics really to install the new Bowl I’m gonna reach around here behind the crossmember and put it back in the headlight bezel so I want warrant this so that the connector is facing down towards the ground and…

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