Toyota Avalon Hybrid Headlight Bulb Size

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Vanity Mirror Light Bulb
Trunk or Cargo Area Light
Interior Door Light Bulb

Fourth generation (XX40; 2012–2018)

Bulb Replacement

I’m gonna show you how to change the headlight bulb on a Toyota Avalon first pop the trunk right here above the toyota symbol you’ll find the spot you need to pull to get that’s open up first need to figure out which beam you need to change a low beam is on the outside the high beam is closer to the inside of the car now what you’re looking for from behind is right there only get it right at the edge of my screen or this one’s a little easier to see right there and here’s the passenger side there’s the low beam and the high beam now there’s a little different than a car any car

I’ve seen before because the high beam the bulb is going up and down vertical the low beam when it’s in the right spot is actually kind of at an angle towards the outside of the car regardless though what we want to do is grab on to the back of this bulb here and rotate it once it’s rotated it’s in a position to be pulled backwards now you can either use gloves or just be really careful not to touch the bulb itself the oils on your hands can make the halogen bulb burn out faster so we pulled this straight back very slowly careful not to break the delicate bulb against anything as well now on the back of this there’s a little plastic piece that holds the bulb in place with the connector what we’re gonna do is push down on this end of the plastic and that’s gonna lift up the other end of the arm and I might need two hands to do it okay

I’ve loosened this a little bit with my other hand you’ll see that this part pulls out here and when you buy a new bulb this is what you’re buying you’re gonna get this whole piece here so you’ll discard the burned-out bulb and then grab your new bulb and again slide it right into place there’s that black plastic clip on the back we’re gonna slide it right in there push the two pieces together firmly until you hear it click into place and then we’ll put it back in at the same angle that we pulled it out it’s kind of at an angle like this push it in and then rotate it so it’s back up and down and then again as I said the low beam is actually kind of starts at this angle it doesn’t start up and down so I’ll show you that in just a second but with a high beam you’re gonna put it back in you can see the hole right there that goes into so put it back in carefully at an angle in just a second put back in at an angle and then rotate it until it clicks into place there so now that’s locked back into place vertically on this low beam

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