Toyota 4Runner Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

There are many different types of lights in a car like a high beam, low beam, turn signals, rear lights, and many more. All of these lights have a very important role in your safety when you are driving. Keeping them in the best condition should always be your priority; otherwise, it can be fatal.

 Sometimes the headlight bulbs or the housing are out of order because of an accident or overuse or some other reason so you should repair them as soon as possible. This can happen anytime, and if you always go to a mechanic for such minor stuff, you will have to pay a lot of money. It’s better to take things into your hands because replacing a headlight bulb or headlight assembly is very straightforward, and it only takes a little time.

This Toyota 4Runner headlight assembly upgrade guide will help 4Runner owners complete this process successfully. Let’s get started.

Toyota 4Runner History

 Toyota 4Runner has been in the market from 1984 to the present day. This compact SUV is known as Toyota Hilux Surf in Japan. The term 4Runner shows its 4×4 capability and capacity to seat 4 people.

The earlier generations all were equipped with halogen reflectors as it was the most common headlight for the vehicles, and even up to this date, most vehicles follow this tradition. But the 2021 model of Toyota 4Runner has LED headlights in all trims, which I think is a major update.

Halogens Vs. LEDs: What’s Better?

Halogens are readily available in all stores; they are easy to install and light on your wallet. But many people find them dim compared to new technologies, and they are very fragile.

LEDs offer brighter light that allows you to see the cyclists and joggers on the road at dawn and night. You can easily spot a deer on the road in the countryside and prevent accidents. They look cooler and are energy efficient, plus they last longer. They are a little expensive.

Toyota 4Runner 1999-2002 Headlight Assembly Upgrade Guide

This guide is for 3rd generation Toyota 4Runner owners, but other people can also use it for other models with a little modification.

Required Tools for the Headlight Replacement

  • New headlight assembly
  • 10mm socket with ratchet and extension
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Trim removers

Step By Step Process of the Headlight Kit Replacement

  1. Pop the hood and start by removing the grill.
  2. To take the grill off, we will have to remove plastic clips by pushing the tabs down with a flathead screwdriver while pulling the grill to release the clips. This will loosen the grill, and you can remove it.
  3. Remove the turn signal first to get access to the 10mm bolts under it holding the headlight. Remove a bolt-on top and pull the turn signal out. Disconnect the wires.
  4. There are 4 10mm bolts holding the headlight. Remove them and unmount the headlight after disconnecting the harness.
  5. Place the new headlight in stock place and connect the harnesses.
  6. Put everything back, and you can take your car anywhere.

 Once you are done, your Toyota 4Runner will be ready to hit the road with its brand-new and gorgeous headlights.

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