T5 bulb guide

T5 fits in Group 2. I hope you know why it belongs to this class. These are the bulbs you can use in signaling, cornering, reversing, and rear registration plate lamps. In essence, you can utilize them in all applications apart from headlights.

The deciphered names of the single beam lamps provide information on their size and form. The letter ‘T’ represents the shape of the lamp-tubular. The following number shows the diameter of the bulb is 5 inches. Each of the two filaments plays distinct roles to produce low and high beam lights.

The bulbs can produce the efficiency of up to 100 lm/w. They have a life span that ranges from 25,000 and 35,000 hours. They also have a nominal power of 1.5 watts at 12 volts. They also have a G5 base (bi-pin with 5 mm spacing).

You can see the lamps can help you a lot. But you can upgrade them to HID for better service.  For you to do this successfully, you will not only need to purchase the T5 lamps but also a compatible socket and reflector.

If you are considering upgrading your T5 lamp to LED, consider that the former will lose power after the first 30,000 hours. A considerable initial cost of the installation is also necessary. But that may still mean the LED is a better option given the relatively low lifespan of T5s.

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