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Subaru Legacy Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

Many drivers are unsatisfied with the factory or stock headlight bulbs or assemblies that their Subaru Legacy comes with. They want to upgrade it with an aftermarket headlight or sometimes the headlight is broken and should be replaced. 

Regardless of the reason, the average price of a headlight assembly replacement can be anywhere between $250-$750 depending upon the technology you want to install in your vehicle. 

After spending this much money, if you go to a professional for this upgrade, he will charge you around 100+ bucks which is a lot. You can save this money easily by installing the headlight yourself, and as a plus, this skill will always be with you in the future.

No need to worry! This Subaru Legacy headlight assembly upgrade guide has all the tools you need to perform this replacement.

Subaru Legacy History

This mid-sized car was manufactured in 1989 and has 7 generations up to date. The earlier generations all were equipped with halogen reflector headlights like other vehicles, but the 4th generation launched in 2003 offered two factory options to the buyers: Halogen headlights or the Xenon headlights. 

The halogen H7 bulb with reflector lens offered average light, whereas the HID or Xenon came with a projector lens. With passing time, other options like LED were also available in high-end trims of the newer generations, and at last, in 2020, LEDs became the new normal, and all of the new Subaru Legacy cars will be fitted with LED headlights for both low and high beam.

If your Subaru Legacy is fitted with an HID Xenon headlight, you should check out your state’s laws to see because HID is illegal in many states. LED is a bit expensive, but it is better than traditional yellow halogens and overly bright Xenon lights.

4th Generation Subaru Legacy Headlight Assembly Upgrade Guide

4th generation Subaru Legacy is a very popular vehicle, and it won a lot of rewards in Japan and the globe when it was launched. This guide is for 4th generation Subaru Legacy owners, but it can also be used for other models with little changes.

Required Tools for the Subaru Legacy Headlight Kit Replacement

  • A new headlight kit
  • Ratchet and extension
  • Socket
  • Trim remover
  • Flathead and Phillip screwdriver

Step by Step Process of Headlight Upgrade

  1.  Start by jacking the car up to access the plastic clips present at the bottom. Remove those clips. Also, remove the one that joins the bumper to the wheel well.
  2. Pop the hood of your car and prop it up.
  3. We will start by removing the grill. You will find 1 10mm bolt and a plastic pop clip on top of both sides of the grill; remove them. There are also 4 small tabs on top of the grill press these tabs with something small to release them. Afterward, just wiggle the grill out.
  4. Removing all the clips and screws will loosen the bumper. Make sure to disconnect the fog light before removing it.
  5. You will find a lot of bolts on all sides of the headlight. Keep patience and remove them all to free the headlight.
  6. Remove all the connector wires before removing the housing.
  7. Place the new assembly in the stock place after connecting all the wires.
  8. Now put everything back in reverse order to complete the installation.

If you have carefully followed our instructions, your Subaru Legacy is now ready to shine with its brand-new headlights.

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