Replacing Headlight Assembly for GMC Sierra 1500

GMC Sierra 1500 is one of the best pickup trucks loved by hundreds of thousands of North American drivers. If you have owned one for a few years, then there is a chance that you may need a GMC Sierra 1500 headlight assembly upgrade. As long as you have purchased the right headlight assembly, then completing the entire installation process will take only a few minutes.

What kind of headlights can be used in the GMC Sierra 1500?

When we talk about GMC Sierra 1500, it resembles the Chevrolet Silverado, which means that its lighting system consists of a 4-piece design that includes a fog light, high beam, low beam, and turn signal. 

The LED bulbs in its newer models tend to offer more light as compared to the previous ones.

It is possible to upgrade the GMC Sierra 1500 headlight assembly with ‘Halo’ ring add-ons, LED day liner strip or even the HID conversion kit. Today it is easy to find multiple LED H11 and HID kits that can easily be installed in place of the stock bulbs because they are more durable and capable.

Why is it better to upgrade to LED headlight assembly for your GMC Sierra 1500?

Compared to halogen, the LED headlights are much brighter, and those vehicles that come with the LED headlights don’t go with the typical pattern of capsules inserted into the housings. 

If your GMC Sierra 1500 comes with an LED projector in the headlight kit replacement, then you can enjoy a very bright and incredible light that can have a crisp beam pattern.

You need to keep in mind that if all the basic specifications of your LED headlight assembly matches that of the halogen that you want to replace, the light that it will be producing will interact with the headlight assembly in a completely different manner.

Steps to replace GMC Sierra 1500 headlight assembly

  • Turn off your vehicle and let it cool down, otherwise, you risk burning yourself.
  • Start by removing the old headlight assembly, and use pliers for loosening the nuts on the backside of the lights that hold them in place.
  • Twist the bulb counterclockwise in order to pull it out. Keep in mind that this can be an excellent time for you to check the headlight assembly for any damages and cracks.
  • Grab the replacement headlight and place it. After putting the screws back, you can turn the headlights on again to see if everything is working in a proper manner.

Bottom Line

It is never a complex procedure to have a GMC Sierra 1500 headlight assembly upgrade, but it would be better to call a knowledgeable friend or go for a professional to get things right. 

Cars can age differently in various climates, which can affect their bolts and cause other problems with the headlight assembly. There is also a possibility that an accident may also cause an unforeseen issue. 

Tip: When replacing the headlights, it is advised not to touch the bulb with your hands because this can cause damage to the bulb.

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