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Pontiac G6 Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

There are always different ways of improving the looks of your vehicle, and the headlight assembly is one of them. When the headlight assembly of your vehicle is changed with a better-looking unit, it not only improves the look of your vehicle’s front but is also great in improving its visibility. Although the Pontiac G6 is an older model by now, the Pontiac G6 headlight assembly upgrade can make a difference and turn your night into a day.

It is worth mentioning that some of the Pontiac G6 models come with a wiring harness issue, and this can surely melt because of the excessive heat produced by the bulbs. Therefore, replacing the wiring with a high-quality one is also recommended.

What kind of headlights comes with the Pontiac G6?

The OEM headlight assembly of the Pontiac G6 comes with high-quality halogen bulbs. The H9 bulbs are used for the low beam and H11 for the high beam. You can also get help from your closest General Motors dealer to check which bulb is the most suitable one for your Pontiac G6.

If you have a plan for the brighter lights, then you can go for the HID bulbs, which can be your best choice, as they can improve your visibility and produce brighter light. Another option for your Pontiac G6 headlight assembly upgrade is to go for the LED headlight. There are numerous kinds of headlights for the Pontiac G6, and most of these have projectors using the HID bulbs to their total capacity.

Process of replacing the headlight assembly of 2010 Pontiac G6

  • In order to replace the headlight assembly of your 2010 Pontiac G6, you need a 7mm socket for removing the bolts.
  • There are plastic tabs that also need to be removed and hold the front in place.
  • Now the headlight assembly will come out, and outside it, there is a plastic clip that has to go around before you take it out.
  • You can access the headlight bulbs under these plastic caps, and in the next step, you can put the new bulb into the socket.
  • In the end, the headlight assembly can be placed back, and you can insert the bolts that were removed before.

What is the cost of replacing the headlight assembly of the 2010 Pontiac G6?

If you are planning for a headlight kit replacement of your 2010 Pontiac G6, the average cost is around $250 to $700 for the entire headlight assembly. The charges for the installation of one headlight are around $50. When we talk about the aftermarket parts retailer, the halogen bulb can cost around $15 to $20, whereas the HID bulb for the 2010 Pontiac G6 can typically cost around $100 or even more.


You will never find it challenging to have a Pontiac G6 headlight assembly upgrade, but it will be better to call a friend or a professional if you have any doubts. There are a number of factors like the climate that can age your vehicle and affect the bolts being rusted. 

If your Pontiac G6 has been in an accident, this can also have some unforeseen problem with the headlight assembly. Therefore, it is crucial to replace the headlights with the ones that you can rely on.

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