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A Trusted Review of the Philips X-Treme Vision Headlights

The Philips X-Treme Vision Headlights are quite popular with most drivers today. They offer about 130% more light that can illuminate the road ahead when compared to other bulbs in the same class and price. These bulbs are also quite easy to install and you will not have to take your vehicle to the local garage for the bulb replacement.

Features of the Philips X-Treme Vision LED Headlights

When buying headlights, the lifespan should always be one of the top factors that you need to think about. Although LED lights are revered for their longer lifespans, the Philip X-Treme headlights tend to last longer compared to the average halogen bulb. Obviously, the durability of the bulbs largely depends on how often they are utilized and whether they are treated with the care and love that they deserve. But according to Philips, these bulbs can last from 400 to 450 hours.

The X-Treme Vision bulb claims to offer up to 100% more light compared to the standard halogen bulbs in both the main beam and the dip. It is difficult to put claim to test without using scientific equipment. However, the X-Treme Vision bulb tends to belt out its beam wider and further than most standard lamps.

The actual light color is another area where these Philips headlights tend to outperform other equally priced halogen bulbs and even the LED options. 3400 kelvins may not seem spectacular for many people, however, this color temperature tends to produce a beam almost like driving at daytime.

In addition to perfect color temperature, this model generates light that is brighter than it has ever been recorded in the past for this range. It is challenging to beat this brightness and the length of this nice and brightly colored beam is about 130-meters.

The X-Treme Visions are designed around the set 55/60w output, unlike most bulbs that utilize illegal wattage increase to produce more light. These bulbs are extremely safe to use with plastic lenses. Philips X-Treme Vision LED Headlights are also available in single and twin packs depending on your needs. The twin pack is better since having a spare headlight can come in handy when you are stuck on the road.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

The Philips X-Treme Vision comes with a 24 months warranty from the purchase date and this warrant covers defective products. 

Advantages of the Philips X-Treme Vision

  • Visibility

Most consumers attest to the fact that these bulbs offer a significant upgrade with regards to visibility since it makes the light whiter from outside. By casting an impressive beam, these bulbs increase the chance of noticing and even reacting to hazards. Furthermore, pedestrians and other road users can easily see vehicles that bear the X-Treme Vision Lights.

  • Illumination

X-Treme Vision bulbs guarantee efficient distribution of light which is ideal for driving at night. In fact, the X-Treme Vision headlights produce brighter and clear light that many motorists compare it to LED.

  • Easy Installation

The Philips headlight bulbs are consumer-friendly because they have an easy installation process and you do not require expert assistance from your mechanic to fix it.

  • Color temperature is perfect

With the enhanced color temperature, the eye can focus on the path ahead. This makes driving more comfortable and safer for motorists.

Possible Downsides of the Philips X-Treme Vision Headlights

There is no product in the market that is perfect, and Philips X-Treme Vision Headlight has some disadvantages too. One of the major drawbacks is the fact that it is a halogen bulb. Therefore, if you really want to go for LED bulbs, then you will have to look elsewhere. However, if you always drive regularly at night whether for general driving or work, then you will find these headlights to be easier on your eyes.

Additionally, the Philips X-Treme Vision Headlights are not the sturdiest light bulbs in the market and they should be handled with care during installation and maintenance. You should avoid touching the glass of the light bulb with your hands since the oil can cause hotspots that may cause uneven distribution of heat or reduce the service life of these bulbs. 

The halogen bulb also generates a significant amount of heat while building the radiating light and this can result in energy waste.

How Much Do These Halogen Headlights bulbs Cost?

Even though cost should never be your main focus, it should be considered in your decision-making process. When looking at the Philips X-Treme Vision range, you will be surprised to learn that these bulbs are reasonably priced when you take into consideration the brightness, light color, lifespan, and beam length. This model is a winner when compared to other halogen bulbs with the same features.  Furthermore, Philips offers a guarantee of 24 months from the date that you buy your bulbs.

Installation Process for Philips X-Treme Vision Headlights

  • Open your vehicle’s hood on the right side of your dash and then pull your lever up.
  • Prop your hood and determine the bulb that you want to replace by turning on your lights.
  • Remove the malfunctioning bulb by detaching the connector on the rear of your bulb.
  • Wrench the surrounding rubber out.
  • Unfasten the metal locking pin and remove the bulb.
  • You can then install your new bulb and it will be ready to use.


Incredibly clear, bright, and with a powerful light output, the Philips X-Treme headlight bulbs are a perfect choice for motorists who are looking for premium quality and reasonably priced headlights. Although they are undoubtedly budget-friendly, these bulbs produce 130% more light compared to other stock bulbs.

Whether the Philips X-Treme Vision Headlights are the best light bulbs in the market boils down to your specific needs and whether the demerits outweigh the many advantages that we have highlighted. If you invest in these light bulbs, you will not be disappointed because of the price and the fact that they are manufactured by a reputable company. The headlamps also surpass the ISO certification which signifies their longevity and mark of quality. Reviews from several customers have positively outlined the benefits of the Philips X-Treme Vision headlight bulb for driving during night times.

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