Philips Diamond Vision

Philips Diamond Vision Review

If you are in the market for headlight bulbs that provide white light, then Philips Diamond Vision headlight bulbs are the perfect style upgrade for your vehicle. These bulbs feature 5000kelvins white light. They are uniquely designed with a blue coating that creates the ultimate white lights with a slight blue tint that will make you stand out from the crowd. These Philips bulbs are the closest styling match to the HID Xenon bulbs.

With the Philips Diamond Vision headlight bulbs, you will be getting halogen bulbs that burn at 5000k just like normal daylight and at a price that is less than that of a tank of petrol.

Furthermore, you will give your vehicle a new, more stylish and distinctive appearance. All that you have to do is swap your old or burnt-out stock bulbs with these Philips counterparts.

Features of the Philip Diamond Vision Headlight Bulbs


When it comes to brightness, the Philips Diamond vision bulbs tend to be 40% brighter when compared to the stock or basic bulbs. It seems that the main aim of Philips was to create nice looking xenon lamps and they successfully pulled through on this claim. When driving, you will surely not sacrifice brightness, but if your desire to have bulbs that resemble the OEM xenons, then these would be a perfect choice.

Color Temperature

Philip Diamond bulbs have a color temperature of 5000kelvins which is whiter than the standard stock bulbs. The nearest competitor of these bulbs in the same category is the OSRAM Cool Blue Hyper’s which are brighter and whiter. However, Philips Diamond Vision bulbs cost a little bit less making them a perfect choice for those who are on a budget. Should you be looking for the best xenon bulbs in the market, then you should go for Cool Blue’s.

Wide range of lamps for all functions

With these Philips bulbs, you are assured of all vehicle-specific functions are covered. They can be used for high beam, low beam, front indicator, front fog, side indicator, stop light, rear indicator, rear fog light, reversing light, interior lights, license plate lights, and rear position or parking light.

Made of high-quality quartz glass

These Philips bulbs are manufactured from UV-Quartz glass, which is stronger, compared to hard glass. It is also highly resistant to vibrations and extreme temperatures, eliminating the risks of explosion. The Philips quartz-glass lamps feature filament 2 650º C and the glass 800º C, which can withstand severe thermal shock. They can withhold increased pressures inside the lamp. In addition, they produce powerful lighting.

Whiter light

With the Diamond Vision bulbs, you can expect whiter light since they have a rating of 5000 kelvins. This is unlike custom halogen bulbs that burn at under 3000 kelvins, producing a yellow tint to the light. According to research, you will start getting bright white light at 4000 kelvins. As the bulb burns hotter, then you will get an increasingly bluer tint.


  • Produces clear, bright light with a blue tint
  • Affordable
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit different vehicle needs
  • They are appealing and eye-catching lights that people will love looking at your vehicle
  • Enhances visibility in extreme weather conditions like heavy rains
  • Manufactured by a reputable company


  • Not good for normal driving
  • Bulbs have a shorter lifespan

Consumer Review

Most people agree that these Philips Diamond Vision bulbs give a bright white light that has a subtle blue beam. They give your lights a unique appearance that is much closer to the HID xenon than other aftermarket bulbs. Headlights have a more upmarket look when compared to cheaper blue bulbs, as though they have been colored using a blue marker.

Many people seem to agree that these bulbs may not be ideal for normal driving settings, particularly just after sundown. However, they can be very good in medium fog or heavy rain because they rarely reflect off the precipitation. This may be due to the clearness of the lights, which is quite high.

A lot of reviews claim that these bulbs have short lives and will just last for a couple of months. However, the lifespan of these bulbs will largely depend on your vehicle and usage. Overall, these bulbs are good value and they will add a very soft and appealing LED look to your vehicle’s lights. However, with these lights, you should not expect extreme brightness close to that of LEDs.

Installation of Philips Diamond Vision bulbs

Philips Diamond Vision bulbs are easy to install and you do not have to worry about messing around with wiring or even changing fuses. All you need to do is just remove the old bulb and then pop in these new Philips Diamond Vision and you are good to go. To guarantee the safety and optimal performance, it is best to change both your headlamps simultaneously.

The Diamond vision may not be the brightest bulb available on the market today, however, it still produces a clear, long beam light that allows the driver to see further down the road. These bulbs are a perfect choice for motorists who are looking to replace their mediocre factory or stock bulbs without opting for an LED kit or HID kit which requires additional ballast or resistors to mount.

Importantly, this bulb is produced by a renowned manufacturer, Philips, guaranteeing reliable performance for a longer time. As usual, just like other bulbs from Philips, the Diamond Vision bulbs are sold in a package of two, to ensure symmetrical bright light.

Before buying, it is best to confirm whether these bulbs are legal for use in normal driving in your state or country. This is because, in some countries, the Philips Diamond Vision bulbs are not legal for road use owing to their excessive blue tint. This means that they are only useful for off-roaders and show cars. If you are looking for the brightest road legal headlight upgrades, then you should consider buying either Osram Nightbreakers or Philips X-Treme Power bulbs.

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