Nissan Rogue Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

Nissan Rogue can be a literal beast on the highway. As a cross between an SUV with a more hybrid look, the car is perfect for rural and urban tracks. The first generation of the car is regarded as the generation launched between 2008-2013. 

In the US, the majority number of Nissan rogues are the ones that are associated with the first generation. The second and upcoming generation was more oriented towards creating solid hybrid designs and comes with company-fitted headlight accessories.

In this guide, we will go through the complete process of headlight assembly replacement for your Nissan Rogue.

  1. There’s a solid chance that you might already be thinking about the headlight assembly upgrade for your first-generation Nissan rogue. Well, the first step of doing so is to have a small flathead screwdriver that will remove the black plastic from the driver’s side.
  2. Once the hood is popped up, and the headlight assembly is moved out, you need to locate the low beam bulb. Generally, the bulb will be located at the lower corner of the headlight in an outward direction. A replacement bulb will be included in the headlight kit replacement package.
  1. To replace it successfully, you need to reach behind the headlight. The base will be of green and black color. You need to rotate it ¼ in a counterclockwise manner before pulling it out successfully and replacing it with a new low beam bulb.
  1. Remember, try not to blur the bulb by handling it with dirty hands. Installing such a bulb will eventually downgrade the performance of the headlight afterward. Try to handle the bulb with care. Even if the bulb is already dirty, try to wipe it with alcohol swipes before replacing it.
  1. Now, it’s time to work on the headlight assembly upgrade of the high-beam bulb. The precise location of the high-beam bulb may vary depending upon the Nissan Rogue model you have in the first place. But generally, the bulb will be right at the inner corner of the respective headlight assembly.
  1. The base of the high-beam bulb will be black. This time, you will be required to rotate the black base counterclockwise to pull out the high-beam bulb afterward successfully. 1/4 counterclockwise turns will be enough to get the required result. 
  1. There’s a slight change in the case of the high-beam bulb as compared to the low-beam bulb. You will need to push down and release the tab by sliding the power connector right off. This will release the high-beam bulb without a hassle, and you can easily replace it afterward.
  1. In the end, you need to follow the same steps to replace the turn signal bulbs on both ends. The bulbs will already be included in the headlight kit replacement package. All you need to do is unscrew the previous bulbs and replace them with the newer ones.

Final note

The whole headlight assembly and upgrade can be a real challenge sometimes. If you don’t know much about the headlight assembly and how it works, don’t worry, the effort today will greatly enhance the performance of your car tomorrow.

If we talk about the Nissan Rogue, a car is designed to perform exceptionally well in rural and urban conditions. If you want to take the car on a long drive or a trip around the country, it’s better to consider the current headlights assembly and performance dynamics. You don’t want to drive in the dark on the highway especially when the headlamps aren’t working and there’s no gas station around.

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