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Nissan Maxima Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

The headlights are a critical component of a vehicle, as they light up the road at night, in rainy weather, or when the conditions are poor. Over time, the headlight assembly can become hazy, whereas the light beam becomes less intensive. When going for the Nissan Maxima headlight assembly upgrade, it is essential to keep in mind that every state has specific laws, and the legal needs for the headlights can vary.

Nissan Maxima is well-known for combining luxury touches and performance. Its upper trim offers some great features, which include xenon headlights. Whether you are looking for the replacement and removal of the broken headlights or the up-gradation of the car’s style, you will find a broad collection of headlights out there in the market.

When should you replace the Nissan Maxima headlights?

The headlight assembly of the Nissan Maxima should be replaced once you see them falling. When there are low light conditions, it will get difficult to drive safely. According to the law, you might also get in trouble because, in some US states, it is illegal to drive without headlights.

If you plan to upgrade the headlights, then looking for a high-quality headlight assembly replacement kit is a far better option. You can take a pick from a vast selection of Nissan Maxima headlights available for you.

Instructions on replacement and removal of 2016 Nissan Maxima headlight assembly

  • Start by turning the wheel towards the engine on the side that you wish to change the headlight assembly in.
  • Turn off the ignition switch and then remove the retaining clips and screws from the front side of the wheel well.
  • You need to locate the low beam headlight cover and remove it. Here, you will be able to find the bulb and the socket.
  • You can release the retaining pin and remove the wire harness plug. 
  • In the next step, you can insert the new headlight assembly.

How can the 2016 Nissan Maxima headlights be adjusted?

There is a screw operation of the 2016 Nissan Maxima behind the headlight assembly. It can also be found on the side of the light placed behind the headlight retainer. For the high and low beams, there are vertical adjustment screws. Some maxima models also have horizontal adjustment screws.

If the same bulb is shared on the high and the low beams, you will find only one screw. Now you can place the vehicle 30 feet from the wall. You also need to measure the height from the ground to the headlight bulbs so that you can easily mark the wall. Now you need to adjust the screws until you find the headlights directly aiming at the mark placed on the wall.


Safety and reliability are some of the most crucial components that make a car as popular as Nissan Maxima. With the Nissan Maxima headlight assembly upgrade, you can have peace of mind by knowing that your vehicle is completely safe on the road. As wear and tear can damage the headlight assembly, avoiding this can be as simple as replacing them.

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