Mitsubishi Outlander Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

Worn-out headlights can cause multiple problems for the driver as they don’t project as far and wide for maximum safety on the road. It is crucial to have headlights replaced as soon as you experience a dark spot in the projection or a shortened cut-off line. 

However, since every car will have a different headlight removal and installation process, the article will guide through the entire replacement process of the Mitsubishi Outlander. The process is more specific to the design of third-generation models, including 2012 up to 2021. 

Does Mitsubishi Outlander have projector or reflector headlights?

Like all modern cars, Mitsubishi Outlander features projector headlights as they offer higher visibility. Projector headlights are perfectly compatible with both Xenon and LED bulbs making replacement easier. 

Compared to the traditional Halogen bulb, LED bulbs can provide a more effective projection with their white/blue hue. The whiter color allows the driver to see more clearly in the dark compared to the warmer, yellow color projected by most halogen bulbs. 

Moreover, you also get the benefit of reduced energy consumption and longer durability.  

How long does it take to replace the headlight assembly?

With the right tools — a thin plier and a screwdriver — you can quickly remove and replace the old headlight bulbs within 20-30 minutes. Third-generation models of most cars have a more straightforward process and often don’t require any tools.

For the third-gen Mitsubishi Outlander, you can replace both headlight bulbs within 20 minutes as they don’t involve any unscrewing for removing the hood or the front bumper. 

Headlight assembly replacement cost

The replacement costs can vary with the type of headlight kit you buy and sometimes the car’s build and model you are buying for. 

Premium brand kits can cost in the $100-$200 range, whereas a standard kit can be bought within a range of $50-$70. 

Steps to replacing the headlight assembly

  • The first step is to open the hood and hold it in place with a hood prop. Pulling the hood latch located in the middle of the bumper will effectively open it.
  • Now you can access the rear headlight cover, which needs to be pulled by rotating it in a counterclockwise direction. 
  • Both the power connector and the headlight bulb can be unplugged with a counterclockwise rotation. Unplug the connector first and then remove the old bulb that needs to be pulled out with enough force. 
  • In case the bulb is melted or burnt out, it may become stuck within the retainer and therefore not come out easily. For this reason, you should look for visual signs of any melting or burning of components first. 
  • Make sure to handle the new bulb with care and prevent the glass side from becoming dirty. A dirty glass can block light from projecting effectively and cause some dark spots on a nightly drive. 
  • The bulb can only fit at a certain angle within the connector as it has one tab and two prongs. The tab needs to be carefully rotated and inserted so that it easily snaps into place. 
  • The connector needs to be plugged back into the socket within the headlight assembly. This can be done with a clockwise twist until it is tightened and doesn’t rotate anymore. 
  • You can now replace the rear bulb cover.  

Final Verdict

Mitsubishi Outlander has a fairly straightforward replacement process and can be DIY-ed without incurring any costs. You also won’t need any tools or mechanical know-how as the bulbs and headlight covers are not screwed in different places. Anyone with basic DIY skills can do it.

As long as you use a headlight kit that is compatible with your car model, you can always be sure that the replacement process will go smoothly. 

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