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Lexus IS 350 Headlight Assembly Upgrade Guide

Lexus IS 350 is a very agile car that needs support from quality headlights to illuminate the road far and wide and protect you from potential dangers.

If you are looking for information about Lexus IS 350 headlight assembly upgrade/replacement, then you are at the right place. It’s great to learn more about your vehicle, and by replacing the headlight by yourself, you can save some bucks, which will add on with time.

This DIY project can sound overwhelming, but once you follow this Lexus IS 350 headlight assembly upgrade guide, everything will become easier.

What Type of Headlights Does Lexus IS 350 Has?

To make the best choice when choosing the headlights for your vehicle, you must understand your options.

The IS 250 and IS 350 were introduced in 2005 in the global market. The standard builds of these models came with composite halogen reflector headlights.

In 2006 HIDs were also available but only in the luxury package. In 2007-2010, HIDs were also added as a standalone option along with the sport or luxury package. This allowed people to have HIDs even if they could not buy any two packages.

Required Tools For Headlight Replacement:

  • A trimming tool
  • Ratchet with extension
  • Socket 10mm
  • A new headlight assembly
  • Phillips or Flathead screwdriver

Instructions On Replacing the 07-13 Lexus IS Headlight Assembly Upgrade:

To take the old headlights out and replace them with new assemblies, you must take the bumper off.

Numerous screws and bolts secure the bumper from all directions (top, fender wells, and bottom). To take the bumper off, removing all these fasteners is necessary.

  • Begin by popping the hood and disconnecting the battery.
  • Remove the plastic molding cover at the front of the engine bay by popping the 16 plastic clips and two bolts with a trim remover tool and Phillips screwdriver.
  • You will find two rubber grommets with a Phillips screw (1 on each side of the grill). Remove the Phillip screws and remove the 10mm bolt in the center. With this, the upper part of the bumper is all loose. You can now move towards the sides.
  • At the fender well, you will find two clips. Remove the two clips with the prying tool and then peel the fender liner to access the 10mm bolt underneath it. After removing the 10mm bolt, the sides will also become loose, and you can gently pull the bumper towards you to unmount it.
  • Next, work your way through the bottom side of the bumper and remove all the clips and bolts holding it with the chassis.
  • Before removing the bumper, completely disconnect the fog lights if your car is equipped with them.
  • The next step is to remove the bolts holding the headlights. Pull the assembly out after removing the harness.
  • Place the new headlight in the housing and connect the harness to it.
  • Put everything back in reverse to complete the process.

This process will take 30 minutes. Once the installation is finished, you will enjoy your brand new headlight assembly.

Note: The average cost of headlight assembly replacement lies between $250-$750.

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