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Kia Soul Tail Light Bulb Size

Kia Soul taillights are a necessary factor that enables you to help keep you risk-free during night driving a vehicle. Additionally, they warn other motorists of your reputation and let them know when you’re about to make important selections on the road. This will make them very important in your Kia Soul, specially should they be a trustworthy set.

You can find several types of Kia Soul taillights in the marketplace right now. Light emitting diodes are the most prevalent and therefore are currently a well liked for a lot of. They are a reliable and reliable energy source that produces as much as 3 times the light in comparison with other varieties.

Kia Soul Tail Light Size


Year Position Bulb
2019 Tail Light Bulb Inner(with LED headlights) LED
2019 Tail Light Bulb Inner(with halogen headlights) 2825
2019 Tail Light Bulb Inner(with halogen headlights) 98
2019 Tail Light Bulb Outer 7528
2018 Tail Light Bulb Inner(with LED headlights) LED
2018 Tail Light Bulb Inner(with halogen headlights) 2825
2018 Tail Light Bulb Inner(with halogen headlights) 98
2018 Tail Light Bulb Outer 7528

Taillights are also referred to as tail lighting fixtures. They normally work at low energy and temperature. This results in a radiating effect that’s helpful for long night rides. Every single taillight will feature a different glass finish off. Two of the most common types include very clear reddish colored window and smoke cigarettes glass.

Very clear red window has been around since the starting of the 20th Century. It’s a typical kind of finish that has been found in older types. Typically, it comes with a white-colored component for the turn back lights along with a reddish colored aspect for that braking system lamps. Cigarette smoke glass is darkish or black when not being used but illuminates white colored or reddish colored if the taillights are switched on. It is employed to supply a simple contact on gray and black colored cars.

If you wish to improve the appearance of your car or truck, custom lights are additionally a fantastic choice. Selections here range between lamps with co2 fiber content housing, stainless, and light up coatings. The most common craze today is the use of small Guided bulbs that light to offer an attractive appear. Our item listing includes different camera lens designs that you can choose from. This allows you to customize your vehicle’s appear based on what you want. Moreover, all Kia Soul taillights are created to complement OEM specs as well as provide for simple set up.

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