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Kia Optima Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

Headlights are crucial for road users as they have to drive in low-light conditions, fog, rain, or snow. Therefore, it is essential to keep the passengers and road users safe by investing in the headlight assembly and quickly replacing the broken ones with new ones. Kia Optima is among the best family car models that first came into the market in 2000 and is still very popular.

This stylish family vehicle has various features that you would want. Therefore, it is crucial to take care of this sedan owing to the fuel economy and top safety ratings. Like any other car, the Kia Optima headlight assembly upgrade is needed in bad weather. You can quickly notice any issues as you cannot drive properly due to a lack of visibility.

What kind of headlights are used in Kia Optima?

Several items can be used to make your Kia Optima look better, including the projector headlights. When you go for the headlight kit replacement, you will notice that the updated headlight assembly will not only make your vehicle look fantastic. It will also help you ensure that the lights are for you, especially when traveling at night.

Different kinds of projector headlights can be used with Kia Optima, while the dynamic halo projectors are also quite popular. It is essential to go for the optimum headlight manufacturing company to not have any issues during the Kia Optima headlight assembly upgrade. Besides this, you can go for the HID and LED lights that offer bright and crisp lighting, but these luxurious lighting elements can be a bit more expensive.

Instructions on replacing headlight assembly of 2016 Kia Optima

To have a headlight assembly replacement of your 2016 Kia Optima, you need to have a 10mm and 12mm socket wrench.

  • Start by removing the front bumper of your 2016 Kia Optima.
  • Both the 10mm and 12mm bolts must be removed by holding the headlight assembly.
  • Next, you can pull out the headlight assembly and disconnect the electrical connector. You can do this by pressing and then pulling the clip from the headlight.
  • You can install the new headlight assembly and then line up its tabs to the vehicle.
  • In the end, reinstall the bolts of the new headlights, reconnect the electrical connector and then check your headlight assembly by turning on the lights.

How to level the headlights of the 2016 Kia Optima?

After placing your vehicle, turn on the dipped beam and make a cross-shaped mark in the middle of the shaft on the wall. You can begin by opening the hood of your 2016 Kia Optima and need to find the horizontal and vertical control screws of the headlights. You must hide the projector with the help of the cloth on which correction is not being made.

For horizontal correction, you must have an intense component of the beam that needs to be on the right of the vertical line that has been marked on the wall. For the vertical correction, position the upper end of the beam at the horizontal marking level on the wall. When you are finished, you need to verify whether the headlight assembly setting is coherent or not.

Bottom Line

Kia Optima is undoubtedly a quality sedan safe to drive, packs an excellent performance, and is well-equipped. It is never safe to drive Optima if there is a foggy or cracked headlight assembly. Go for the Kia Optima headlight assembly upgrade so that you can replace it with the new one, as a dim headlight assembly will surely keep you having maximum visibility when you are driving at night.

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