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Kia Forte Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

Changing a busted or a burnt headlight assembly is part of your vehicle maintenance, but you might need to pay for the labor costs if you take the vehicle to the garage. Kia Forte, also known as K3 in South Korea, is considered a very reliable vehicle because, in reliability, it’s above average compared to any other compact car of the same class.

When you want a Kia Forte headlight assembly upgrade, it is crucial that you have prior knowledge of different types of car lightings and when is the right time to replace the headlight assembly. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what Kia Forte model you have; you should always go for the best quality headlight assembly.

What type of headlights are in Kia Forte?

The Kia Forte is usually equipped with the standard halogen bulbs in the headlight assembly. With the help of these bulbs, it is possible to have sound, light output, and visibility for the driver. You can also have other options like Xenon headlight bulbs or LED bulbs.

Usually, the 900D5S bulb is used in the latest Kia Forte models for the low beam and 9005 for the high beam headlights, whereas the H8 bulb is used as a front fog light. H11, H7, and H11B have been used in the earlier models for the low beam headlights, while 9005 was used for the high beam.

Instructions for replacing Kia Forte 2017 headlight assembly

You need to have a vehicle owner’s manual, a screwdriver, and safety glasses for the headlight kit replacement of your Kia Forte 2017. 

  • Start by opening the hood of your Kia Forte and removing its power connector.
  • You can now pull out the bulb from the housing and try not to pull it by the glass.
  • You can line up the new bulb housing with the open socket and then slide it back in place.
  • After replacing the power connector and the dust cover, you can then turn on the headlight assembly and make sure that both are working fine.

How to adjust the headlight assembly of Kia Forte?

You need to turn on the dipped beam and then make a cross-shaped mark in the mid of the beam, and then you can back the car up at a distance of around 10 meters. 

  • After opening the bonnet, you need to locate the screws for horizontal and vertical modification.
  • Hide the projector with the help of the cloth, and by using the screws, you need to make the horizontal correction, while the most intense part of the beam should be at the right of the vertical line.
  • For the vertical correction, use the screw by positioning the beam’s upper end at the horizontal marking level of the wall.
  • Once you are done with the adjustment process, make sure that the headlight setting of your Kia Forte is logical.

Final Words

When you plan a Kia Forte headlight assembly upgrade, you need to follow the due processes for headlight assembly replacement instead of panicking. If you find a dim light in your Kia Forte, this might be because of oxidation. It is necessary for you to replace both the headlight assemblies, instead of changing one, you will not be able to activate a full-beam mode in darkness.

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