Jeep Cherokee Headlight Bulb Size

2020 Jeep Cherokee ChartBulb Number
Fog Light Bulb Front
2504 LED
Turn Signal Light Bulb Front
License Plate Light Bulb
Turn Signal Light Bulb Rear
Side Marker Light Bulb Front
Back Up Light Bulb
Trunk or Cargo Area Light
Dome Light Bulb
Map Light Bulb

Whether your Jeep Cherokee Cross needs replacing the dimmed factory light bulbs or you are about to improve the headlights quality, you always have to make sure the bulb will match the socket. Our Jeep Cherokee Cross bulb size replacement chart will guide you throughout the process of choosing the best headlights, backlights, fog lights, turn signals, brake lights, parking lights and all kinds of interior lights.

In case you would like to have a better illumination when driving at night, there are infinite opportunities for Jeep Cherokee Cross headlights customization. Choosing between the Halogen, LED or HID aftermarket kits for Cherokee Cross boils down to finding the optimal compromise between the brightness, longevity, color temperature, and price.

You can also find light bulbs sizing information for Cherokee Cross interior lighting system makeover, cargo area, dashboard, dome, tail, etc. The bulb size may vary across the years, so we have categorized the Jeep Cherokee Cross bulb fitment by generations. Scroll down to check out the bulbs for each compartment of your vehicle.

Bulb Replacement

alright so for those of you that are doing this at home in your garage your driveway don’t worry about needing a lift you don’t need to actually even take the wheel off I took this off so that I can pull the liner back all the way shine a light in there and show you guys exactly how we’re doing this where to run your wiring where the dust cover is and everything like that but if you’re at home you can just turn your wheel a little bit you can access everything

I’m doing in this video so all you really need for tools is an 8 millimeter socket and a pry tool of some kind even a a flat screwdriver or you know anything flattened metal there’s one clip you got to pry out so there’s three screws one here here and here they’re 8 millimeter bolts and the plastic clip is right there using your pry tool just get under the center of this clip like so pull it toward you just pop it out of there this will give you enough slack to access everything you need for your headlights grab the liner what like so I already hung a little bungee cord here then

I’m just gonna put in this little hole here if you want to something like that you can it really keeps the thing out of your way for you go ahead and reach up here turn this dust cover counterclockwise sometimes they’re a little tight you might even need both hands up there to break it free there we go and just pull it toward you set off to the side go ahead and reach up turn your bulb counterclockwise unplug the electrical connector and remove it from the vehicle so there’s one thing we need to do before we can just put these bulbs…

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