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Hyundai Genesis Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

The headlights of any vehicle are used to see better and drive safer. The same is the case with Hyundai Genesis. There is no doubt that this is one of the best vehicles by Hyundai, but if you want a Hyundai Genesis headlight assembly upgrade or the headlight bulb burns out, you have to replace it as quickly as possible. 

It can be dangerous and illegal to drive with a single bulb. Remember that it is always recommended to replace both the headlight bulbs to last at similar intervals. Out of the several different types of available bulbs, you will find halogen, HID, and LED to light up the road so that you can drive with confidence no matter what weather conditions are out there.

Which lighting technology is more compatible with Hyundai Genesis projector headlights?

When we talk about the suitable bulbs for the projector headlights, then Xenon HID bulbs can be the perfect ones for the Hyundai Genesis. For the Hyundai Genesis headlight assembly upgrade, the idea is to have headlights that can fall on the road and illuminate the driver’s path.

One can never say that the LED bulbs are not ideal for projector headlights. The best thing about having an LED headlight assembly replacement kit is that you will not require any buffer time for achieving brightness, and on dark roads, you can easily use them for illumination. 

When you have a modern headlight assembly, you can go with both options as it all depends on your preferences.

Instructions on replacing 2013 Hyundai Genesis headlight assembly

  • You can begin by placing the gear shifter in the park position.
  • Now you can remove the headlight bolts. There are two 10mm bolts and a 12mm bolt that must be removed.
  • Next, you need to unplug the electrical wires by pressing the plug and then pulling it away from the headlight assembly.
  • Now you can easily remove the headlight assembly of the 2013 Hyundai Genesis and try not to damage the front bumper in this step.
  • In reverse order, you can install the new headlight assembly and then tighten the bolts in the end.

What is the cost of replacing the 2011 Hyundai Genesis headlight assembly?

Many mechanics offer upfront and competitive pricing because it’s easy to research the average prices online. When we talk about the average cost of replacement and removal of Hyundai Genesis headlight assembly, it is around $89

To replace the headlight assembly, you need to drop off the vehicle and pick it up after a few hours. You also have the option of the delivery mechanics coming to you.


There is no doubt that replacing a headlight assembly is among the most straightforward ways to ensure safety on the road, but its cost depends on the vehicle. If you want to have a Hyundai Genesis headlight assembly upgrade, there is a vast selection of high and low beam headlights that you can choose from. This will enable you to get the visibility you want to drive confidently.

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