How to Replace the Headlight Assembly on Jeep Grand Cherokee

When driving at night, proper visibility becomes crucial, and if you have fogged, hazed, or faded out headlight assembly, then it limits your view of the road and ultimately puts you (and others around you) in danger. 

You have a variety of lighting options with the modern Jeep Grand Cherokee. But if you have an older model and you would like to have a Jeep Grand Cherokee headlight assembly upgrade, then there are plenty of headlight options that will set your vehicle apart. As a result, you will also be able to see farther down the road.

What kind of headlights are used by the Jeep Grand Cherokee?

As compared to the older models, the headlight assembly of the Jeep Grand Cherokee has been completely redesigned, which means that instead of going for the sealed beam headlights, this truck contains a singular composite light that is doing the job for both low and high beams. 

The low beam of the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a halogen projector lens that has a separate reflector assembly for its bulb. When we look at the high beam, it is a bi-Xenon HID projector lens that has its own housing. If you like to replace either one of these, you will have to access the backside of the assembly.

Steps for replacing the headlight assembly of your Jeep Grand Cherokee

When you are to have a Jeep Grand Cherokee headlight assembly upgrade, you need to go through the following steps.

  • Open the hood of the vehicle and go for the 7mm hex bolt that you will find on the top of the headlight.
  • Remove the bolt and go towards the fender side so that you can pull out the headlight assembly.
  • The bulb needs to be twisted in the counter-clockwise direction so that it can come out.
  • Now you can lift the socket clip in order to remove the headlights and go for the headlight assembly replacement kit.

What are the signs of failing Jeep Grand Cherokee headlight assembly?

  • Lack of light

When you turn on the headlights of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, and it looks blinking at you, then you need to realize that there is a headlight bulb issue. It is worth noting that the headlight assembly doesn’t die all of a sudden, but it might fade out with time. 

Therefore, if you think that lights aren’t bright for you, then some bulbs might be nearing the end of their light.

  • Warning light

When you see your headlights starting to die, the chances are that your Jeep Grand Cherokee will already let you know. It has a warning light that illuminates the dashboard when the headlight assembly burns out. Therefore, it tries to tell you something, so you have to pay attention to this.


The longer your Jeep Grand Cherokee is driven, the more scratches and chips will start appearing on its headlight assembly. Keep in mind that it is not about how you are driving, but it is about the debris that happens to damage the headlights. 

If you are planning for a Jeep Grand Cherokee headlight assembly upgrade, you will have a variety of options that are designed to fit your vehicle just perfectly. 

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