How to remove tail lights from truck

How do you remove a whole tail light?

Before you begin – or if you have any questions about your specific vehicle – we always recommend taking a look at your service manual.

  1. Step 1: Open trunk or tailgate. …
  2. Step 2: Pull tail lamp assembly out (if needed) …
  3. Step 3: Pull bulb out. …
  4. Step 4: Add bulb grease, put new bulb in. …
  5. Step 5: Reattach assembly (if needed)

How do you remove a tail light assembly?

Open the trunk of your vehicle and locate the back of the tail light assembly. Disconnect the wiring harness from the back of the tail light assembly. Remove the tail light assembly mounting screws or nuts. Push the tail light assembly out from behind.

What tools do you need to remove a tail light?

You’ll likely need either a flathead or Phillips screwdriver. Grab whatever tools you need and remove the screws holding the taillight housing in place. If your vehicle provides easy access to the taillight housing, you might not need tools. Just snap off the fabric covering to expose the bulb in its socket.

Is changing a tail light easy?

How do you remove a tail light on a Ford f150?


  1. Open the tail gate.
  2. Locate and remove the two fasteners behind the tail light.
  3. Pull the tail light straight out.
  4. Disconnect any electrical connectors for the tail light bulbs.
  5. Remove the tail light from truck.

How long does it take to replace a tail light?

Be Prepared

Fortunately, tail light bulb replacement isn’t difficult and shouldn’t take you more than 45 minutes to an hour to complete. Be aware that newer models may be a little more complicated than older ones, as there will be more wires to disconnect.

How much does it cost to replace a tail light assembly?

Tail Light Replacement Cost

If you decide to have a professional replace your tail light assembly, expect to pay anywhere from $200 to upwards of $500. The job can be even more costly if you have a high-end luxury or performance car.

What is tail light assembly?

The Tail Light Assembly is the group of lights that are mounted on the rear-end of your vehicle. They consist of the tail-lights, brake-lights and the reversing lights. Each pair of lights serves a specific purpose for conspicuity during the night.

Can you replace just the tail light cover?

Most covers need to be installed before tail light bulbs can be reinstalled. Installing or replacing tail light covers is also a good opportunity to replace any burnt-out bulbs.

Do I need to disconnect battery to change tail lights?

Before you start, check the brake lights for any burned-out brake light bulbs. They will be easier to replace while performing these steps. Disconnect the battery. Open the trunk, hatch, or tailgate to gain access to the rear side of the taillights.

Can I change my own brake light?

Changing a faulty brake light is something anyone can learn to do. A replacement bulb costs about $10, and replacing it on your own will save about $20 in labor and the time it takes to travel to the shop and wait for the work to be done.

How do you install new tail lights?

Can AutoZone replace a headlight?

Once you buy headlights from AutoZone, the company can replace them at no cost if there’s no complication. Headlights can cost anywhere between $15 to more than $100, depending on the brand and type of headlight you need to fix.

Does Walmart replace brake lights?

Unfortunately, Walmart Auto Care Centers do not service any aspects of a vehicle’s brakes—including brake pads, sensors, brake fluids, taillights, and brake lights. Walmart does not install brake lights, they do sell replacement brake light bulbs, so you can purchase a replacement to install yourself.

How much does a rear tail light cost?

A new tail light switch, accounting for labor, will cost from $70 to $100. The plastic and colored lens over on top is a bit more pricey. Depending on the make and model of your car, a replacement tail light lens will leave you lighter by between $100, and upwards of $750.

How do you remove the tail light on a 2008 Ford f150?

How do you change a brake light on a Ford F-150?

  1. Step 1 – Out with the old. Make sure the truck is off, the lights switched off, and all doors shut so that the rear lights are not on. Lower the tailgate. Figure 1. Remove the two bolts. …
  2. Step 2 – In with the new. Install the new bulb. Line up the assembly then push it in. Re-install the two bolts and tighten until snug.

How do you remove the brake light on a 2016 Ford f150?

Can you drive with a broken tail light cover?

Is A Cracked Tail Light Cover Illegal? It is against the law to drive with a broken tail light. All cars are required to have two working tail lights. In addition, all tail light lenses must be clear.

How much does a tail light cover cost?

Rear Tail Light Cover Replacement Cost [Rates 2022]

Is the tail light the same as the brake light?

The Difference Between Brake Lights and Tail Lights

Tail lights are engaged when the you turn on your headlights or when your parking brake is on, whereas the brake lights will light up immediately when you apply pressure to the brakes.

Why do police tap the tail light?

Whenever an officer approaches a stopped car, they have to be ready for a potentially dangerous situation. The person they’ve pulled over may have a firearm or dangerous drugs in their car, so a tap on the tail light can distract them while attempting to hide any contraband.

How much does it cost to rewire tail lights?

However, it can be firmly stated that the costs of fixing tail light wiring by yourself are far less compared to the costs of getting it done by a professional mechanic. According to different sources, the replacement price range of tail lights for all vehicles is between $81.00 to $110.00.

Does AutoZone replace brake lights?

Brake Light Switch or Turn Signal Problems

Inspect the connection to the switch and make sure there is no corrosion or damage, and then, a replacement switch can be installed, and purchased at your local AutoZone.

How do you fix a tail light cover?

How do I change a tail light bulb socket?

Start by accessing the back of the tail light from behind by going through the trunk or by removing the entire assembly. You can then grip the back of the light socket from behind the tail light, rotate it to the left, and pull it out so you can slide out the old bulb and pop in a new one that matches it.

Can you put red tape over a broken tail light?

3M Lens Repair Tape. 3M Lens Repair Tape provides temporary repairs of broken or cracked taillights, parking lights and side directional lights. The tape applies smoothly and tightly holds with its 3M adhesive that ensures a strong bond. Lens repair tape is available in both red and amber to match the lens color.

How do you change a rear brake light cover?

Can you buy just the lens cover for tail lights?

The plastic covers or “lenses” for the taillights are not sold separately. You will have to buy the entire taillight unit if you want to make that repair. Now, keep in mind that you may be able to find a used one for much cheaper.

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