How to Clean Car Windows

You may not notice how dusty your car’s windows are anymore, especially when you drive every day. However, when you get into your car and if you light up too much of the smoke or if you smoke tobacco, you will find that the windows immediately build up with particulate matter and even if you just take the time to gently clean the glass you will notice a significant improvement. The truth is, most people do not clean their cars that often anyways. It is a very simple step to take to help keep your windows clean.

The first thing you want to consider is drying off your windows. For this, you will want to use a microfiber cloth dipped in dry baby oil or mineral oil. You can find these products at any auto parts store and they are very easy to use because they have a wick that can be left out so that the window can absorb the oil without soaking up the rest of the window.

After you have dried off your windows, you will need to remove them from the car. For this, you will want to place the microfiber towel on the windows and then move them inside out. If you are serious about how to clean car windows, then you might want to consider using a tool that you can buy that has a rotating brush and a rotating nose. These will both remove the dirt from your windows while still being able to let the microfiber towel dry off them.

After your windows are cleaned, you will need to let them dry. To do this, put the microfiber towels in a zip lock bag and then lay them over the open windows and let them sit for several hours. Just like the dry rugs, the dryness of the microfiber towels will allow them to pick up any dirt that was missed when you cleaned them. It is important to not leave the dry towels for too long, as you don’t want them to become brittle over time. You should also avoid hanging them in direct sunlight as they will begin to fade.

Once you have let the window cleaner sit for the proper amount of time you will need to use a cleaning solution. Some people like to use dish soap, but others prefer a specific product that is designed for car windows. The type of cleaning solution you choose will depend entirely on how dirty the window is and what you are trying to achieve. Most people who clean their cars with hard water deposits do not need to use any type of detergent, however those that have spots may. Detergent is often used by professional cleaning companies and it is something you can purchase in any store where window cleaners are sold.

If you do choose to use a detergent to clean car windows, be sure to follow the instructions on the container for the specific cleaner. Many cleaners will recommend that you wipe your windows every three to five times, depending on how dirty they are and how much detail you wish to get out of the process. Many cleaners will recommend that you rinse the cleaner off completely and then simply replace the window if it becomes dirty. However, many consumers feel that this is too much work, and the cleaning process is usually quick enough with most cleaners anyway.

Once you have completed the proper cleaning process, the last step is to simply replace the dry cleaning cloths and wait for the window to be completely dry. Some consumers like to use a hair dryer on occasion to blow out some of the more stubborn dirt or debris. In any event, once the cloths are dry you should place them back into the container with the rest of the cleaning solution and let them sit for a few minutes. This allows the cleaning solutions to work deeper into the fibers of the vinyl and dry the dirt from underneath without getting the cloth wet. Once this step has been completed, you can put the cleaned windows back into the vehicle and enjoy a long, clean, streak-free ride.

Cleaning products are very affordable, but there are specialty cleaners that are designed especially for use on car windows. They are more effective at reducing streaking and keeping the surface looking new for longer. If you are concerned about streaks, consider investing in a quality product that works as quickly as possible. This will save you time and money in the long run.

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