How To Clean Bird Poop Off A Car

For those who love watching birds, but find that their homes can become messy with bird droppings, the solution is an innovative product called the Clean Bird Poop Off Car Pad. The patented Clean Bird Poop Off Car Pad is designed to make the cleaning of bird waste a quick and easy process in your vehicle. Made of high quality vinyl, the pad is slip-resistant and strong, and can be placed securely under the dash of any vehicle. The cleanliness of a vehicle is certainly important. The Clean Bird Poop Off Car Pad is designed not only to keep your car clean, but to make the cleaning of bird waste a much easier task.

With today’s modern vehicles being driven with the windows down, side mirrors can become a real mess. While our cars have excellent air ventilation, they also have excellent views; when we are driving we often need to get the view as clear as possible. Glass side mirrors present a sharp contrast against the clean lines of cleanly painted sides. Unfortunately, birds often find a way to make their nests right under side mirrors. With the innovative Clean Bird Poop Off Car Pad, you can safely secure a seat to protect yourself while cleaning up the mess that birds have made.

Another common problem that occurs with vehicles is that we are unable to remove wet poop stains with a simple cleaning wipe. Even our very best cleaners are not able to completely clean wet poop stains off paint because we are unable to effectively penetrate the thick acrylic coating of paint. Our hands become too dirty and our patience too long to clean bird poop off car seats. The innovative Quick Disinfection System allows us to safely, easily, and effectively remove wet poop and prevent the stain from reoccurring.

Acidic bird poo stains on seats can be prevented by simply rinsing the seat down with plain water. Rinsing the seat down will remove all the dirt and residue before applying the microfiber cloth cleaner. The microfiber cloth itself acts as an acid cleaner that penetrates deep into the surface of the seat. Once the acid has been applied, it works to gently break the sticky mess of bird poop.

To remove tough stains, you may need to repeat the process. Start by spraying the entire seat with the cleaner. Next, spray a very small amount on your finger and wipe it across the stained area. You can then apply another layer of the microfiber cloth and continue to repeat the spraying process until the stain has been removed completely. If needed, repeat this process until no more poop is able to be removed from the seat.

If the window remains dirty after having cleaned the windshield, a second cleaning should be done. In this case, you should use the same acidic solution that you used to remove the stubborn poop. Spray the windshield again, let it dry, and then wipe it off. This should leave the windshield looking like nothing ever happened.

Before you apply the final bit of the moist cloth cleaner, apply the bird droppings remover. When this dries, you will need to apply a coat of the moist cloth detailer to get the glass to be totally clean. You will also want to spray the windshield with the same acidic solution that you used to get rid of the bird droppings in the first place. Allow the windshield to fully dry before applying a clear coat of paint to protect it.

If you have a concern that your car might be damaged due to the presence of bird droppings, Kansas auto body shops can recommend that you contact the insurance company of the driver of the vehicle you hit. Many people pay to have the windshield repaired or replaced when their car gets damaged because of this most common cause of automotive paint damage. The repair cost usually covers the expense of the chemical cleaner used to clean karate bird droppings off your car’s surface.

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