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How to choose the perfect headlight bulbs for Acura RSX?

The Acura RSX has always been the vehicle for the driving enthusiast. Equipped with screaming naturally-aspirated engine, nimble chassis and aggressive looks, the RSX can run rings around almost every other sporty coupe. That said, headlight performance of the RSX is not the best out there. Well, certainly not up to the rest of the car.

That’s why we’ve prepared a sort of a guide on how to improve the headlights of your RSX. With the improvements, you can drive as fast in the night as you can during the day. Sure, it might cost you money, but it’s nothing when compared to other improvements tuners make to their RSX’s.

Acura RSX Headlight Size Chart

How to find the right headlight bulbs for Acura RSX?

It is very easy to find the headlight bulb type of the Acura RSX through the owner’s manual, but if you feel lazy today, we will do that for you. While we still recommend checking, because some models overlap, but the next guide should do the trick for most owners:

  • Acura RSX 2002-2004 model year – H1 for both the high beam and low beam;
  • Acura RSX 2005-2006 model year – 9005 for the high beam, H1 for the low beam.

How to upgrade the headlights on the Acura RSX?

Given the fact that this is a sporty coupe, thankfully there are a lot of ways to improve the lighting, and especially the headlights. The most obvious way is to always replace your bulbs with high-quality halogen bulbs from manufacturers that you trust. Cheaper bulbs tend to have a shorter lifecycle and don’t produce a light that’s as powerful. Sure, there’s a difference in price, but halogen bulbs are still very inexpensive.

Much better results can be obtained if you replace your halogen bulbs with HID bulbs. These bulbs come together with conversion kits and cost a bit more, but trust us, they are worth it. They not only produce a more powerful beam of light, but they will also last longer. In the long run, they might prove to be cheaper!

LED bulbs are another alternative today. They have some advantages, like the ability to produce different color temperature and even the full RGB spectrum, but in reality, we think halogen and HID bulbs are a better option. LED bulbs produce strong light and are very efficient, but they don’t play great with the existing headlight design – the beam of light won’t reach as far.

The best option for the RSX is aftermarket headlights. There are a lot of options on the market and most of them will bring improvements both in performance and design. Because if we’re honest here, the RSX is a good-looking vehicle, but the front headlights are not the most striking out there.

Aftermarket headlights will make the front end of the RSX much more muscular, they will add LED daytime running lights for even more recognizable fascia, and they will improve visibility in the darkest of nights thanks to HID or full-LED matrix bulbs. If you’re serious about the lighting of your RSX, aftermarket headlights are the best possible option.

What color temperature of headlights to choose?

The color temperature of the headlights is also a very important aspect. Owners of the RSX really like cooler colors, because they make the vehicle appear more modern, but there are differences in performance as well. For example, 3000K bulbs should only be used in fog lights due to the very warm output. 4300K are considered natural light, but they don’t look as modern. If you want the best-looking headlights on your vehicle, then 5000-6000K bulbs are the best option, as they produce white and clear light and work great in the night. 8000K, on the other hand, tend to produce “ice blue” image, which some may prefer.

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