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Honda Ridgeline Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

A headlight is an accessory essential to make the drivers feel protected on the road in any weather condition. The headlights enable the drivers to see at night and notify other car lovers about their presence. These days, the headlight has become an accessory that can improve your vehicle’s style, especially the Honda Ridgeline, which is already excellent and stylish.

Honda Ridgeline was introduced a little less than two decades ago. When you look at its modern vehicles, this Japanese manufacturer uses LED bulbs on the fleet. Still, a time comes when you have to look for your Honda Ridgeline headlight assembly upgrade. To replace the old bulbs with LEDs or HIDs, it is essential to know the correct bulb size not to have any issues installing them.

Why is the headlight replacement of the Honda Ridgeline needed?

Some of your Honda Ridgeline headlights may already be LED, so you don’t need to replace them. The main reason is that LED lights give a more modern look than the HID or halogen. Another primary reason is that when you plan a headlight kit replacement, you need to keep in mind that LED headlights are more reliable and function longer.

Over the years, you may find that some of your Honda Ridgeline lights stop working, start flickering, or not be as shiny. This can be one of the main reasons you want to have a Honda Ridgeline headlight assembly upgrade. When you drive with a headlight or turn signal, it can surely get you in trouble.

How to change the headlight assembly of the 2010 Honda Ridgeline?

  • Turn off your vehicle and open the hood with the help of the hood support rod.
  • Now disconnect the wiring harness and remove any visible bolts that secure the headlights to the mounting bracket.
  • The bolt having the turn signal to the fender needs to be secured, and then you can pull it through the fender.
  • The bolts that secure the grille to the front end need to be removed.
  • Now you can remove the headlight assembly of your 2010 Honda Ridge and install the new one. You need to repeat the same process for the headlight on the other side.

Does the 2010 Honda Ridgeline headlight assembly come with bulbs?

Typically the headlights come with complete assemblies, and they also come with the entire housing. Usually, the headlight assembly doesn’t come with the bulbs and wiring, and therefore, you can go for the factory bulbs.

When you buy the headlights, you can take them out of the box. Next, you can pop in the bulb and immediately turn your new headlights. It is worth mentioning that these days headlights are pretty advanced and have become plug-and-play products.

Bottom Line

If you find the headlights of your Honda Ridgeline to be damaged or broken, then you need to replace them. The headlight assembly of Ridgeline house the bulb and socket and is plugged into the electrical system. This helps the driver to operate in low and high beams. When you plan a Honda Ridgeline headlight assembly upgrade, it is worth noting that this can vary according to the make and model of the vehicle. To replace the headlight assembly, you should expect to spend an afternoon.

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