Honda Pilot Headlight Bulb Size

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2020 Honda Pilot ChartBuy Bulb on Amazon
Headlight Bulb High Beam
Turn Signal Light Bulb Front
Turn Signal Light Bulb Rear
Glove Box Light Bulb
Trunk or Cargo Area Light
Dome Light Bulb
Map Light Bulb

There are plenty of customization options to choose from for your Honda Pilot. For example, the stripped PlasmaGlow Glostix LED lighting kit comes in different sizes ranging from 4 to 24 inches. Strips can be mounted on the seats, trunk or dash. The GloWire kit comes with slender neon ministrix tubes that can be installed on the door panel contours. Size ranges from 5 to 10 feet.

Where there’s music react box, LED lights to change color depending on the music played. Honda Pilot PlasmaGlow switches are also available separately and are capable of powering 12-volt products up to 50 amps. Choices vary between a fighter-jet-cockpit-styled flip with a button and a round button surrounded by a light ring.

Honda Pilot Headlight Bulb Size Chart

Before replacing your 2017 Honda Pilot turning signal, parking light, or headlight bulb; find out if you have the right replacement bulb size. It can often be time-consuming. Whether you’re putting LED Headlights, High-Density Discharge kit or a Xenon headlamp kit in place of your headlamp bulb or, replacing your interior lighting system with LED or SMD bulbs; there are enough resources available to help you save time.

The Honda Pilot light bulb guide contains cataloged information on the right bulb size and the light bulb replacement process. This helps with replacing light bulbs, headlight bulbs, changing burnt out light bulbs, installing LED light bulb as well as HID headlight conversion kits. You spend less time figuring out the right light bulb size for your Honda Pilot.

Sometimes, the information provided is without any warranty. So, use it for reference purposes only. Verify that you have everything in check, including your bulb voltages, wattages, and sizes before making any changes to your Honda Pilot.

Aftermarket Light Bulbs: Upgrade Options

The Honda Pilot is the largest SUV ever built by Honda. It’s a 5-door mid-size crossover that was introduced in 2002. It features 3-row seating and can accommodate up to 8 passengers. It has enough space and leg room for everyone. The rear seats can be split to give more room for luggage. The vehicle was named the Best Large SUV in 2008 by the Car and Driver magazine.

What happens when you have a problem with your Honda Pilot’s lighting system? What do you do it if you have damaged taillights and headlights? Where do you get the best lighting parts? These are some of the questions Honda Pilot owners find themselves asking whenever they encounter issues with their vehicle’s lighting.

There are quite many lighting parts to choose from. They are made by the best automotive part manufacturers out there such as Lumen, Sylvania, and many others. They are durable, affordable, and are of the highest quality.

Installation & Diagrams

  • Open your vehicle’s hood and find the headlight assembly. The headlight bulb can be located at the innermost end.
  • Find the electrical connector from the bulb’s base. Detach the locking tab and remove the electrical connector.
  • Hold onto the lamp by its base and turn it anticlockwise. Pull it out from the rear of the assembly and discard it.
  • Insert the new H11 bulb. Avoid touching the glass with your fingers. Oils from your hands and other vehicle parts will cause overheating, cracking and eventually failure of the vacuum.
  • Lock the new bulb in by turning it clockwise. Re-install the electrical connector onto the bulb’s base. Push it until the locking tabs are engaged.
  • Move over to the other headlight assembly on your Honda Pilot and repeat the procedure. Make sure to turn the headlight switch on to test the new bulb. Make sure the high and low beams are functioning correctly.

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