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Honda Fit Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

Not every vehicle can appeal to the frugal type, and the manufacturers noticed it in the early 2000s. This is why many companies, including Honda, built Fit to cater to the niche. A vehicle consists of many lights, but the headlight assembly is a key among the automotive lights and a legal requirement in many countries, including the United States.

Driving at night or in bad weather; therefore, you need functional and adequately aimed headlights for illuminating the road. If you want to have your Honda Fit headlight assembly upgraded, there is a lot that you can choose from. You can have high and low beam options, and the headlights have photoelectric sensors so that you have a clear view at night.

What are some of the Honda Fit headlight malfunctions?

Headlights are placed at the front part of your Honda Fit and may get damaged due to minor collisions. They can be predisposed to extreme weather conditions, including heat and rain, which hurts the headlight assembly and the headlight bulbs of your Honda Fit.

The headlight assembly is where the engine’s hot and cold air meet, turning into water vapor and condensing in the lenses that may block the light. Therefore, you may have to go for headlight kit replacement, as UV rays can oxidize the headlight assembly. This can turn it hazy and yellow and make it emit less light. The wiring and fuses can also make a headlight assembly develop issues.

Instructions on replacing 2013 Honda Fit headlight assembly

  • You will need a socket wrench, a fastener removal tool, and a screwdriver to replace your 2013 Honda Fit headlight assembly.
  • Begin by opening the hood and then remove the push clips with the help of the fastener removal tool.
  • The fender liner screws and the screws below the front bumper also need to be removed. Now you can pop the front bumper out of the Honda Fit headlight assembly.
  • The bolts on the headlight assembly need to be removed, and the electrical connectors behind it also need to be disconnected.
  • You can pull out the old headlight assembly and get the new one. In the end, you need to line it up and bracket it to your vehicle.

What is the cost of replacing the 2013 Honda Fit headlight assembly?

The burning of your headlight is the most common problem you will experience. This can be a cheaper repair, but you need to decide whether to do it yourself and save on labor or not. Before going for the Honda Fit headlight assembly upgrade, you need to check the bulb specs on the headlight assembly wiring.

The headlight assembly replacement cost of your 2013 Honda Fit is likely to cost you between $60 and $80. To replace the whole headlight assembly, you may need to pay more. It is essential to learn to change headlight assembly if your bulb blows. These need to be replaced in pairs to have a balance in the quality of light that is emitted.

Final Verdict

It is essential to check the headlight assembly of your Honda Fit periodically, and you can replace it if it gets cracked or goes out. You can easily purchase the headlight for the Honda Fit and get your Honda Fit headlight assembly upgrade. Never forget to know the part number of your hold headlight that will be stamped into the old light’s plastic base so that you can get the correct replacement.

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