Honda CR-V Headlight Assembly Replacement Procedure

Honda CR-V is one of the most popular vehicles by Honda and is known for its versatility and excellent handling. In order to feel more secure, you have the option of increasing the ability to see and be seen by other drivers. You can get the best possible visibility by having a Honda CR-V headlight assembly upgrade, as plenty of options are available for you out there in the market.

The majority of drivers don’t consider the headlights, running lights, and turn signals to be the safety features, but in reality, they do a great job of protecting you. When you use the Honda CR-V headlight assembly, you will have increased output and the life of the bulbs of your vehicle. Let’s see how we can upgrade your Honda CR-V headlight assembly.

What kind of headlights are installed in Honda CR-V?

Most of the customers who want to go for the finest medium-sized SUV opt for the Honda CR-V. When we look at the headlight assembly of the Honda CR-V, there are many high-quality lighting products, including halogen lamps, LED lamps, LED headlight kit replacement, and much more.

When Honda CR-V is purchased, two standard bulbs are already installed in its headlight assembly, known as the low and high beams. It is never difficult to find the after-market products for Honda CR-V, and the owners have the option of installing all kinds of parts, but it is essential for them to check whether it fits the specs of the Honda CR-V or not.

How to replace the Honda CR-V headlight assembly

  • You can start by locating the connector that lies at the back of your headlight assembly. You need to disconnect it and keep the connector aside.
  • The rubber weather seal also needs to be removed from the assembly by pulling the tab.
  • Take your new headlight assembly and insert it. You also need to reattach and retain the wire across the socket.
  • In the end, attach the rubber weather seal to the headlight and get the connector plugged into the headlight assembly’s back.

What is the cost of replacing the Honda CR-V headlight assembly?

When you go for the Honda CR-V headlight assembly upgrade, you can drop the vehicle off and then pick it up sometime later, while you also have the option of the delivery mechanics coming to you. The headlight assembly replacement of the Honda CR-V costs around $92, and a number of dealers offer upfront and even more competitive pricing.

Although the entire headlight replacement procedure takes around 2 hours, it is always better to be patient and allow more time for the professionals to change the headlight so that they are able to do it the right way.


Like most automobiles that have been made in recent years, the Honda CR-V also goes for the composite headlight assembly. This particular headlight is easily replaceable and offers a much better performance as compared to the sealed-beam headlights. 

It is worth noting that the Honda CR-V headlight assembly upgrade doesn’t take too much time, and you also don’t need specialized tools to get the job done.

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