Honda Accord Headlight Assembly Removal and Installation

Headlight integrity is essential for having safe driving conditions, and if you have dimmed, misaligned, or grazing headlights, then it is the right time for a Honda Accord headlight assembly upgrade. When you have proper headlight assembly maintenance, it significantly reduces the risk of accidents on the road.

Broken headlights are not only illegal, but they can also hurt your visibility when you drive at night, and this shows that visibility is a two-way street, which means seeing and being seen. 

Headlight bulb replacement is considered is an easy fix for your Honda Accord, so you can either do it yourself or get help from a professional.

What kind of headlight assembly options are available for the Honda Accord?

You have multiple headlight assembly replacement options available for your Honda Accord:

  • Halogen

The halogen light bulb is among the most common types available in the market. It is a low-cost filament lightbulb and is relatively easy to handle.

  • HID

In order to light up, the HID bulbs use gas. As a user, you will find them more efficient, brighter and they also last longer. It would help if you kept in mind that they can be more expensive and may need a conversion kit, but it all depends on the model of your Honda Accord.

  • LED

Although LED bulbs are pretty new to the automotive world, they are the best available option for you. They are brighter, last longer, and don’t require any conversion kit, but they are undoubtedly the most expensive ones.

Honda Accord headlight assembly replacement procedure

  • First of all, open the hood so that you can detach the light bulb detectors.
  • In the next step, you can remove the front bumper attachment clips and then go for removing the bumper.
  • There is a metal support bracket below the headlight; you need to remove it so that you can detach the headlight assembly.
  • In the last step, you can install the new headlight assembly, but you have to make sure that you slide the replacement housing into the area where the mounting brackets are aligned.

How to adjust the headlights of your Honda Accord?

If you want to adjust the headlight assembly of your Honda Accord, you need to turn on the dipped beam and go for a cross-shaped mark in the middle of the beam.

  • Open the hood, and with the help of a cloth, try to hide the projector that you are adjusting.
  • With the help of the screws, you can make the horizontal modifications, while for the vertical modification, the screw needs to be positioned in the upper end of the beam.
  • Verify the headlight setting once you are finished with the entire process.

Final Words

Honda Accords are undoubtedly some of the best and most reliable vehicles, and therefore, it will be better if you have a plan for the Honda Accord headlight assembly upgrade. 

Although a headlight bulb replacement on Honda Accord is easy if you want to tackle it yourself, if you are hesitant to do it yourself, then you can rely on the professionals who can get your headlights replaced in no time. 

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