HB4 bulb guide

HB4s are bulbs that belong to the Group 1 Family. If you are like most of us, you likely know by now that these are the lamps without general restrictions. You can use them to solve any of your automotive lighting needs. But if you do some little research, you will learn that they are your typically conventional headlight auto lamps. Many people also use them for fog lights.

These lamps use P22d 90° and have a nominal power of 51 watts at 12 volts. They are dual beam lamps and have one filament that produces both the low and high beam lights, making life easier for the driver than ever.

BH4 uses halogen. This old technology is reliable, but some new options are more cost-effective today. Most halogen bulbs, including BH4, have a short life span, between 500 and 1,000 hours of use. Besides, their quality of light is low. If you want to use these bulbs for your headlights, it may be proper that you upgrade them to the higher lumen. Whenever you want to do that, consider the hours of service they will offer. Also, think about the compatibility of the bulbs with the electric system of your car.

Remember that if you make the wrong choice of a halogen bulb, you may experience a negative driving experience, especially when it gets dark while you are still behind the wheel. The poor choice may also mean you will always replace the lamps after a short while, which is costly and inconvenient.

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