HB3 bulb guide

The HB3 fall into Group 1 of the official automobile bulbs chart. Whenever you want to drive your car that has worn-out bulbs, you must think about the possible legal repercussions. But if you get BH3 bulbs, your fears do not need to persist.

Only check your car’s sockets. If they can hold these bulbs, install them and continue with your journey. The HB3 are actually road legal, and the UN imposes no general regulations on how you should use them. If appropriate, use your HB3 in your projector or reflector headlights and any other place at any time.

These bulbs use halogen and have one filament. As dual beam lamps, their respective single filaments serve the role of high beams and low beams. Moreover, the HB3 use P20d 180-degree base. Their nominal power is 60 watts at 12 volts, which shows how they are tailored to solve a wide variety of lighting needs.

The halogen technology that they use has improved over time. It presently produces more light than heat, which was not the case before. However, these bulbs have a short lifespan of about 1,000 hours and produce low quality light. The good news is that you can enhance your halogen HB3 with the help of popular advanced options, including LED and HID, at any time.

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