H9 bulb guide

The international regulation stipulates that H9 is a member of Group 1. Like the other bulbs that belong to this class, you can use H9 headlight bulb fittings for as many functions as you prefer. These lamps are often considered the standard replacement automotive remedies.

The lamps use halogen gas and that makes them one of the safest options for any of your vehicles. The H9 offer convincing performance for standard requirements, are cost-effective and have a relatively long lifespan. You can use these lamps for more than 1,000 hours in your new or old car; of course, you can do this whether as original spare parts or the standard initial equipment.

These cost-effective original spare parts use PGJY19-5 base, have a nominal power of 65 watts at 12 volts, and use one filament. They are dual beam lamps, which makes the H9 are some of the best projector headlight bulbs. What’s more, their high wattage guarantees the strongest beams that imitate HID projection styles.

For the most suitable headlight and fog light solutions, upgrade your H9 halogen lamps. The H9 Xenon upgrades have a small amount of this rare gas as well as a traditional filament that make them produce brighter and whiter light than standard halogen bulbs.

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