H8 bulb guide

The H8 are Group 1 bulbs according to UN Regulation 37. These lamps give drivers optional color recognition and enhanced contrast that most other Halogen bulbs do not offer. Moreover, they feature a crisp white light output that enables you to see the road clearly. At the same time, the blue top coat that it produces adds a unique style to your car.

When using H8 lamps in projector headlights, you increase your ability to see clearly at night, which makes the lamp an important asset for you and many other drivers.

The H8 is high output replacement bulb that you can use in almost any part of your vehicle to meet your lighting and styling needs. Just as other Group 1 lamp, the bulbs in this category also comply with the road regulations. The halogen bulbs use one filament, and if need be, you can upgrade them to LED and HID lamps. They have a lifespan of about 1,000 hours. These other alternatives often last for longer periods than the old but advanced technology.

H8 bulbs use PGJ19-1 base and have a nominal value of 35 watts at 12 volts. For most people, this amount of output is enough to meet their lighting needs. But you have the option to upgrade the H8 to LED or HID bulbs.

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